Lots of Games for Cheap

One of the heartening things that this year’s many and varied calamities has brought up has been a series of generous offers from creators in a wide variety of media. The latest one I’ve stumbled across is gaming related, which is why I mention it here.

Over on itch.io, they’re offering over 740 projects for a minimum donation of $5. As this is provided by a total of over 500 different indie creators, there should be something to suit most tastes somewhere in the mix.

Note that itch.io is a funny place, full of weird and wonderful creations by a myriad of talented indie creators. It began with digital projects, and that’s still what the bulk of them are. However, increasingly you also see tabletop RPG and the occasional tabletop game. There are a dozen or more of these in this bundle.

I’ve not got anything on itch.io myself (yet), so I’ve no personal investment. This post is really just a public service announcement. Thought that I should just put this out there. After all, it’s always better to find out before the timer runs down.

And yes, there is a timer. About 7 days and 17 hours let on this generous offer as I type.

Just click the banner to see what I’m on about:

itchio offer banner


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4 Responses to Lots of Games for Cheap

  1. A says:

    A bundle with content from 1322 creators.
    Buy 1,658 items for $5 Regularly ~$9,204 Save 99%!
    Raised: $6,231,360.36
    Offer ends in 2 days 8 hours 47 minutes

    The only thing it doesn’t have is a better way to search for specific types of games and assets, eg. by what it is (video game, print’n’play, digital assets), genre (fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, abstract), game length, # players, recommended ages, etc.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I’ve been using a search on that page, looking for keywords. Either way, at this price it’s very likely there’s something that will amuse you for your money’s worth.

      • A says:

        I did find that the search options on the main game page
        are FAR better than what’s in the bundle. So I’ve been searching here and finding a lot of stuff already in the bundle. Plus I’m finding a lot of OTHER really cool stuff! I just can’t find anything to separate out video games from print’n’play from resource packs. The tags list is a bit over-whelming and I suspect that many contributors don’t tag properly. There is a “Resource Pack” tag but the results aren’t promising.

        For the price, EVERYTHING in there is worth it. This is DECADES of fun to come!

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