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Hoary Old Chestnuts

When I sail through the stats for this site, I am often surprised by the continued popularity of my Dreadfleet review, and even more of my Salvage Project. This is even though I’ve done nothing with it since Jan 2012. Every … Continue reading

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Dreadfleet Salvage Project – Version 1.0

This is the first version of my house rules for Dreadfleet. It’s not a complete rewrite, but a cutting away of what I think of as dead wood that hides the worthwhile game underneath. Or, put another way, murdering some … Continue reading

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Dreadfleet Salvage Project – Opening Shots

I’ll be putting up the House Rules in their own post so I can track comments better (and after I’ve got them a little more straight). For now, let me run you through the game GloatingSwine and I played. We … Continue reading

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Dreadfleet Salvage Project – Putting a Toe in the Water

As those of you who have read my reviews of Dreadfleet will know, I wasn’t entirely impressed by the rules. The models are well made, the mat looks great and the rulebook is very pretty, but the game itself? Well, … Continue reading

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Dreadfleet Review 2 – More Ships, More Battles

Please can I have my money back? Those of you that know my writings will be aware that I tend, if anything, to be too even-handed in my approach to reviews, even if I am occasionally a bit blunt. If … Continue reading

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Dreadfleet Review – First Game

Well I’ve given you my initial impressions on opening the box, and gone through building the ships. What happened when I got it on the table? This is a review of the game rules and gameplay based on a single … Continue reading

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Dreadfleet Rulebook – Binding Problems

The Dreadfleet rulebook is section stitched and perfect bound, which is an entirely reasonable way to produce it. Stitching the sections is much better than not and is normal for GW (which is a good thing). Unfortunately my copy of … Continue reading

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Dreadfleet – Building the Ships

Well here they are: all 10 ships assembled in a push-fit manner. No glue used at all. There is one bit I haven’t assembled as I’m not sure I’ll be able to get it apart again to clean and assemble … Continue reading

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Dreadfleet – a Few Photos

I seem to have acquired a copy of Dreadfleet, and thought you might like to see some photos of the sprues close up. There’s already a bunch of pictures on GW’s own site showing the whole sprues, so I’ll try … Continue reading

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