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Butterflying About

Today I’ve finished another bit of Deadzone, am playing Mars Attacks in a couple of hours (when I’ve finished the new scenario) and will be leading out the Orcs tonight for a God of Battles fight or two. Or maybe … Continue reading

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Choosing a Faction – Part 1

I often find that writing or talking about these things helps clarify them in my mind, so if you don’t mind I’ll think aloud for a couple of posts. This first part is my brain dump on the theory of … Continue reading

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DreadBall and the Elephant in the Room

The elephant in the room* is a colourful and evocative phrase that I rather like, but one which is rarely appropriate. Here, for once, I am happy to say that it is. The elephant is, of course, Blood Bowl. It … Continue reading

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Banking Rules

While I was doing my usual morning round of feeding the menagerie and listening to the radio this morning I heard a rather intriguing report. It was about the lack of rationality in decision making within the banks. Apparently there … Continue reading

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A Life on the Ocean Wave

Played my first game of Dystopian Wars last night, obliterating a British starter fleet for the loss of only a few Japanese frigates. It was an entertaining enough game, and one I’ll add to my list of things to review … Continue reading

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When is Terrain not Terrain?

When it’s scenery, of course. What exactly is the difference between scenery and terrain, and why should anyone care? Let’s take that in 2 steps: definition and use. Dictionaries are only a little help when it comes to defining words … Continue reading

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