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Now That’s Good Timing

Given the topic of my Miniature Mondays post, this competition from Beasts of War is rather well-timed. I wonder if I can do something to fit their criteria.  

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Miniature Mondays: wrecker’s yard

One thing about the good old days is that they weren’t all that good. At least, not if you’re talking about variety of stuff you could buy off the shelf, ready-made. These days there are many, many times more of … Continue reading

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Miniature Mondays: does size matter?

More thoughts on terrain boards today. If you’d asked me last week, what size are OSS boards, I’d have happily told you that they were 2×2 foot square. Now, I think I’ve changed my mind. The reason is simple. Whilst … Continue reading

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Miniature Mondays: a battlefield to call your own

More on Old Skool Skirmish today. Diehard miniatures join the ranks I’ll be using for my personal games. Some great models in their growing range. I particularly like the Eru-kin (above), though there are plenty of other gems lurking in … Continue reading

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Deadzone Scenery Details

I’ve been collecting interesting bits to do a series on building Deadzone scenery. The idea was to start with the basics and explore various ways of adding detail as we went on. This is partly because it’s something I’m asked … Continue reading

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DzC Building Scale As Requested

To give folk an idea of scale I’ve taken a couple of shots with oddments that were lying about. I’ve not got any Battletech or Heavy Gear mechs so these will have to do. A few people tell me that … Continue reading

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Army Painting – First Things First

Who and What? Painting an army was what I mentioned the other day. Absolutely. So what’s the first step? Well, before I can pick up a brush, I first have to decide which army I’m going to collect and for … Continue reading

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