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World-Building: Size Isn’t Anything

Other than bigger worlds needing more work, size alone should not be a concern for world-builders. A world can be as small or as large as you like. The only really important thing about size is that it is the … Continue reading

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Plans Not Surviving Contact With Reality

A small hiccup yesterday, with Real Life getting in the way of what I needed to do here. All under control now. At least, as much under control as it can be. So no panic. Apologies to anyone who might … Continue reading

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Game Design: Project Shuriken

Thursday posts look at game design using things that I’m working on as examples. This makes them part design diary and part theoretical discussion. Note that these are real games that I’m currently working on for Quirkworthy, so I don’t … Continue reading

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World-Building: What Nobody Told You

Over the years I’ve created all or part of several fictional worlds, some of which were elaborate and sprawling, others small and contained. However, despite the fact that I know how to do this in practice, when it comes to … Continue reading

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Just say No To Mediocrity

A couple of days ago I posted my plan. This is fairly brief summary as I was hoping that I could expand on it over time as people asked questions and the results of my labours made my intent more … Continue reading

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Here’s the Plan

Today I want to talk about what you can expect to find here, on Quirkworthy, in future. I’ve already talked about some of the thinking behind what I want to do, but this is the nitty gritty. However, before we … Continue reading

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A Beginning, a Middle, and an End

I ended last time with a summary that mentioned a single thread which I thought ran through the highest quality work. This thread is story. Whether it’s game design, art, or writing, there is a story running through the best … Continue reading

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Midlife Crisis or Cunning Plan?

We all end up as worm food eventually. That’s unavoidable. I was looking through some of my old notes when I started thinking about this truism, partly (you will not be surprised to hear) as the driver behind a game … Continue reading

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My Second Favourite German Word

There is a quote that goes something like “If you can’t explain something simply then you don’t understand it well enough”, variously ascribed to Einstein or Feynman. It’s been getting to this point that has taken the time. Even now, … Continue reading

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It’s Been A While…

More than a while; it’s been an age. Like this bus, Quirkworthy has been sitting quietly on its own for a long time. This wasn’t so much a plan on my part as a lack of one, and it’s taken … Continue reading

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