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It’s Alive!

Turns out all I needed was a dark castle, lots of lightning, and a crowd of peasants with pitchforks and fiery brands. Just apply the electrodes, and Voila! It’s alive! By which I mean, the Game Design Mastery Patreon is … Continue reading

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Game Design Mastery

Every art contains a related craft. Music is underpinned by an understanding of notation and structure as well as traditions, styles, and the ability to make the noises you desire come out of the instrument you choose. Cooking is more … Continue reading

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A point about game design

Monday’s post attracted a couple of interesting comments, and I’ve pulled out this one from EJ to reply as a post because I didn’t want it to get lost in the mix. It’s an interesting point, and worth discussing as … Continue reading

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Game Design Theory: Benchmarks for Other Skirmish Games?

Having proposed the Collateral nightclub shootout as a benchmark for modern skirmishes, I’ve started to think about what might be an equivalent for ancient/medieval/fantasy games. I’ve got a few ideas kicking about, but before I prejudice your thinking too much, … Continue reading

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Game Design Theory: A New Benchmark For Modern Skirmish Games

  Thanks for all the film suggestions folks. As you might expect, I’ve already got a number of them, though that doesn’t mean I’ve watched them recently. Even those I’ve seen are well worth re-watching. One comment that I thought was … Continue reading

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Research is Weird: SF Worlds

This post is really to make you think about the way AI may work (or not), and to give you something to consider when you’re working on the imagined future of your game. However, I have to get there by way of the internet’s omnipresent … Continue reading

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Balancing DS Campaigns

The campaign rules on page 31 of the DKQ quest book include a simple balancing mechanism to tailor things to your group. The balance of the metagame is very sensitive to the relative skills of the different players, especially how cunning the Overlord is … Continue reading

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Game Design Theory: When Is A Skirmish Not A Skirmish?

When it’s too big. In my head I have a pretty clear definition of a skirmish game. It’s the same one I’ve been using ever since I started gaming, more than 30 years ago. It’s not a term that I made … Continue reading

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Deadzone Redux Movement

Another little snippet from the current version of DZR. I’ve added a Speed stat to the models. This is a way of including a lot more variation in the model’s rate of movement, and doing so very simply. Speed is … Continue reading

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Deadzone Redux Command Dice

I’ve shown a few pics of us playtesting DZR recently, and you may have noticed some bespoke D6s we’ve had lying around. So far, nobody guessed quite what they are, though there have been some fun suggestions. Today I thought I’d explain … Continue reading

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