Long Day

Well Salute was an adventure. I can’t actually tell you anything about the event myself as I spent the whole day running demos of Dwarf King’s Hold. That seemed to go very well though, with our giant version getting much praise. Several folk said they’d buy it if Mantic sold it at that size (though I very much doubt they would at the price they’d have to charge). It’s also rather impractical for all but the smallest of scenarios, unless you have a 12 foot table to play on. Looks pretty though 🙂

Thanks to everyone who came along and had a game. I’m not sure how many I got through, but it was quite a few. There was even one we did in French (with the help of a translator). That was an odd experience.

It was also interesting to see the mix of luck and victories during the day. All sorts of tactics were tried, and landslide victories went to both sides, as well as grindingly close calls. I started off thinking that I’d keep score, though that went by the board in the mayhem of the day. I have the impression that it was pretty even honours though, which is a good thing. I’ll try to remember to keep track if I run this at a convention again.

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