I know I’ve mentioned being busy before, and it doesn’t change. Mind you, a month with no posts is not what I was aiming for. Must try harder…

On the Dwarf King’s Hold front, I’ve just finished the manuscript for the second starter set: Dwarf King’s Hold – Green Menace, and that’s looking like it’ll be lots of fun. The new tiles from Tears of Envy are looking lovely. I’ve also done a new scenario for the Mantic Journal which will appear in French as well, apparently. It’s always a bit strange seeing things you’ve done in languages you can barely muddle by in. Nice, but strange. Finally, we’ve been brewing a plan for something special to give as a bonus if people order both starter sets together. I’m sure the chaps at Mantic will spill the beans soon on that one 🙂

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5 Responses to Back!

  1. Well Jake I’ve personally really enjoyed playing the first DKH and I’m looking forward to the second one. Keep up the good work and have a great day!!!
    toodle pip

  2. Keith Brown says:

    ‘Finally, we’ve been brewing a plan for something special to give as a bonus if people order both starter sets together’

    not happy about this, what if you’ve already bought the first starter and loved it so much you want to get everything Dwarf Kings Hold that ever comes out, now sounds like I’d have to buy dead rising twice, or just give up my completion goal, which would be a shame and is very annoying, surely everything should be avaliable to those who get it from the start otherwise It’s tempting to delay purchases just incase some else gets thrown in at a later date.

  3. Quirkworthy says:

    Do not panic Keith, It’s not something that will be unavailable to everyone else, just a different bundle. All part of expanding the game to include other parts of the range. Speaking of which, most of these extras will be free downloads. For example, I’ve got the rules for Zombies almost finished now, just need to get it written up properly so it can go up on the website 🙂

    So, your goal of collecting all of it should be entirely attainable without having to buy the same thing twice. I’m a gamer too and collect stuff for various games and I know just how much a pain it can be when things are unavailable. I’m trying to avoid that here.

    All the best, Jake

  4. Keith Brown says:

    Brilliant, thanks for the reassuring and quick reply.

  5. Quirkworthy says:

    You’re very welcome. I know how it can be. I got very annoyed with a game where a key figure for each faction was only available if you turned up in person at a convention in France. I don’t want to go down that route.

    Cheers, Jake

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