Mantic Open Day

Another weekend, another convention! Well, an Open Day. Tomorrow Mantic Games are having their second Open Day and I’ll be there running demos of Dwarf King’s Hold and  taking part in a couple of seminars about what’s new and where it’s going. Actually. I think it’ll probably be mainly a Q&A cos that’s more interactive and generally more fun. They end up with about the same information, just in a different (more interesting) format. More info on the Mantic Blog.

We’re also going to be running a linked game of Kings of War and Dwarf King’s Hold. In the morning folk will be battling it out on the big tables with sizable armies, and depending on who wins that we’ll play one of a couple of different multi-player games of DKH in the afternoon. Everyone against me, I think is the plan. Uh oh! Best leave my persecution complex at home for the afternoon then.

There will also be some limited models and possibly even a few early copies of DKH2. Not 100% sure about the latter, but it’s just possible. Like me, you’ll only find out on the day. Knowing Ronnie there will also be lots of sneak peeks of Warpath and all manner of upcoming goodies, so why not pop down. See the website for tickets, location and other details.

It’d be great to see folk there, but even if it’s too far to come there are things you can join in with online and the seminars are going to be filmed and put online too, so you can mail in questions (if you’re quick) and hear the answers. The magic of technology.

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5 Responses to Mantic Open Day

  1. I’d have loved to pop down and see what was going on but alas I’m busy this weekend and besides I’m skint!!! Don’t worry about the persecution complex, I find its only those people everyone is out to get have them… like me.

  2. Quirkworthy says:

    You can’t be skint – you’re always buying shiny new toys. Oh, wait… maybe there’s a link…

    • That is exactly why I’m skint. That and I’ve just been made redundant from working as a researcher in the public sector due to the requirement for cuts after bailing the banks out. The same banks that are now being utter barstools to me and putting all sorts of barriers in the way of me accessing the insurance I’ve paid for diligently for years. That is how the world works it seems, bail out multi-millionaires so they can continue buying champagne and fast sports cars and let those who pay for the bail out lose their jobs. Don’t want to get all party political but it seems wrong that people who have genuine supported housing needs will now be getting an utterly crap service because people like me are being made redundant up and down the country because spivs and merchant bankers were corrupt and incompetent and ruined our economy.

      • Quirkworthy says:

        Sorry to hear that. The bail out of the banks was an absurd farce of shameful proportions. I don’t think it’s party political, just the disgraceful nature of politics and Big Money. On a lighter note, I have a question for you:

        Q: How can you tell when a politician’s lying?

        A: You can see his lips move.

  3. Quirkworthy says:

    UPDATE: just getting ready to tootle off in an hour. Got to remember to take the painted figures for the DKH demos. Going to be much harder if I have to keep track of everything in my head.

    Quite looking forward to this. It’s small and one assumes that people will only be there if they are really interested. That usually makes for a good crowd and a good atmosphere. Maybe see you there.


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