All Day Talking

Well I just got back from the Mantic open day where I had a jolly time. Lots of excited and enthusiastic folk, which is always nice to see. Ronnie and I gave a seminar/talk/Q&A/general waffle this morning about Dwarf King’s Hold, and had some very interesting questions. Mostly at this sort of thing you get the same questions repeated, but today there was a poser or two. At least some of it was recorded, so with a little luck you should be able to see this on the Mantic blog soon. I’ll pop a link up when I find it. It also gave me more ideas for articles like the one on scenario balance (see the tab), which is good. Just need to make the time to write them all now 🙂

In the morning there was a big Kings of War battle, and in the afternoon I ran a Dwarf King’s Hold game continuing the story. That was really entertaining, as I had four necromancer players all fighting against me, trying to get my Dwarf King out of the Hold in one piece. Now Dwarf King’s Hold is a 2 player game (officially), but those of you who have seen any of my rambles and interviews from Beasts of War, or at the UK Game Expo or elsewhere, will know that I’ve been planning for more players from the start. There’s lots built in to the rules that hasn’t been fully exploited yet, and it was nice to give part of the currently unpublished extras a run out with some willing victims. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and there were several clever and underhand schemes tried by the necromancers to keep me on my toes. A fun afternoon.

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