KOW Tournament – Day 1

It’s been a hectic day at the front, with 3 games played and much happy banter, cursing of luck and other associated gaming nonsense. I’m a bit brain fried to write much sensible for the moment, so I’ll mostly be posting photos today and will comment more after the thing’s over tomorrow. To kick off, the obligatory room full of gamers pushing toys about:

Being a tournament there were a bunch of somewhat “competitive” armies there, and during the Q&As a couple of things were decreed by consensus to be a bit good for their points. Masters of Death (Assassins) were leader of the pack here. No pictures of these dealers of death as they’re too slippery.

There was also an all-werewolf army, which looked great and was fairly good at munching things from what I hear, though I haven’t fought him yet. It’s even more dangerous as the general actually seems to have a vague idea what he’s doing 🙂

The first game of the day was a warm-up and didn’t count. I fought against a large undead army with a mixed force that included something of everything.This is early on where most stuff is still on the table.

The things got a bit messy. The models beyond the last lot of trees at the top aren’t reinforcements – they’re casualties. My undead are fine, but the enemy’s are thinning out.

The second game had a similarly large enemy horde, but this time they were greenskins instead. By this point in the game I’ve piled over the table and am in among the mass of orcs. This was a Pillage scenario (the first one was Kill).

The last scenario was Kill & Pillage, and was fought against yet another different army – Elves. Naughty shooty people, Elves. Got to watch them. A very pretty army though with a  clean and unified paint scheme that I thought looked lovely on the tabletop. Here it is waiting to deploy:

And on the battlefield.

And because it’s so pretty, here is the Elf line from the other side.

This is the height of the main ruck, with one of my units charged by two Elf units, and another fighting three at once. The unfortunates in the centre are now getting the unwelcome attention of the Elf shootiness.

All told, 3 fun and exciting games with some tense moments. The chap who is kindly running all the admin smoothly so we can get on with the killing has put a blog up on the Mantic forums so you can see who’s playing what and what the ranking are. It seems that at the end of the day I’m in first place! That can’t last; not playing Josh and his assassin extravaganza first thing in a speed game (only 30 minutes per side). When I told Alessio that I was fighting Josh in the speed game he laughed for simply ages. He’s played him before…

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