Musings on Day 1

Before my immediate thoughts are buried by day 2’s events, I’d just like to jot down a few of them. It was an interesting day and provoked a number of broader points as well as points about the specific rules we were using.

Firstly there’s a whole long discussion on army composition (the antithesis to Elro’s comment on an earlier post). Secondly we could talk about in-game assessment: the ability to understand and dismantle your opponent’s force in real time. For example, I think my army has a very obvious weakness, but nobody has yet exploited it which is why I’ve wiped out my opponent in all 3 games so far for almost no loss. The army isn’t that amazing nor am I that good a player. I don’t deserve to be in top place and I would be amazed if I stayed there. My normal place in a tournament is about a third from the top, which suits me fine. Real tournament players, like Josh who I’m playing first thing today, take it all far more seriously and expect to be much higher. I suspect he will spot the weakness and do me rather more damage than I’ve taken to date, but we shall see.

I had some more thoughts, but they’ve flown for the moment. I’ll come back to them, I’m sure. Not enough sleep as usual, I’m afraid (which is why I can be posting at 1am and back typing before 7am) so feeling a bit fuzzy.

I’ll write a review of the rules after this too, which might be of interest. I’ve not seen many discussions on the net about King’s of War, and it deserves a mention regardless of your eventual verdict.

Anyway, off to battle now. Wish me luck!

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