It’s Quiet, Too Quiet…

Well you may be forgiven for thinking that I’d fallen asleep at the wheel there, but I’m still here. Been very busy working on some projects that I sadly can’t tell you about yet, other than to say that it’s looking like quite a few things (at least 4) I’ve designed will come out next year. That, in itself, is pretty exciting (for me, at least), but there’s more.

I can tell you that DKH3 is coming along nicely and that future plans for the series are looking good too. This is far from the end for the naughty folk rampaging through the Dwarfs’ ancestral home.

I’m looking at the possibilities for support and expansions for Tribes of Legend so that things are in place when the slow boat from China finally arrives.

I can also tell you that the fantasy tabletop game I’ve done is currently slated for the first half of next year. So that’s cool too.

Finally, there are some really oddball possibilities currently kicking about that step outside the normal run of Fantasy/SF backgrounds as we know them. It’s quite exciting to be working on something nice and original 🙂

On top of this work stuff I’m wondering whether it’s worth putting up some of the early stages of a campaign environment I was working on to play Stargrunt II in.

But that’s all next year. In the more immediate future I’ve got a load of first look/open box type reviews to put up, with more in-depth ones to follow, plus the first of what will probably be several book reviews. I’ve decided that it’s worthwhile including a few books among the reviews in order to illustrate their possibilities as sources for game and scenario ideas as well as the more obvious painting, modelling and suchlike volumes. They are, in many ways, as much a gaming resource as the terrain.


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8 Responses to It’s Quiet, Too Quiet…

  1. Good to see you’re not dead Jake, and that the GW fatwa over your review of Dreadfleet hasn’t been fulfilled. I’ve got an email to send you as well. Just putting the finishing touches on it… I haven’t forgotten!!!

  2. Was it a 2+ invulnerable?

  3. pancake says:

    Its all looking good mate, i’ll be keeping tabs for more info.

  4. Sounds familiar.

    I am also swamped with work and my only chance to get a game between my teeth recently was at SPIEL, after the fair closed. But who I am to complain, it pays the bills ! 😉

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