Avert Your Gaze

No, the title doesn’t refer to the Medusa, but I am talking about the forthcoming Tribes of Legend from Foundry.

Apparently Foundry has been trying to upload some pictures of the pages so you can all have a look inside, and several of them have been rejected by the Guardians of Morality at Amazon for having boobs showing. We are talking here about models of harpies and Amazons here (ironically), not hardcore pornography, but it’s a funny old world.

As a comparison, I tried putting “porn” into Amazon’s search engine to see what would happen, and you get far more explicit images from their web site than a bunch of toy soldiers, I can tell you. All very strange.

Anyway, just to let you know that you may have to get permission from a responsible adult to be allowed to gaze upon the naughty bits of the Amazon and harpy models (and some of the goddesses too, I suspect, like the floozie shown here). Oh, and in other news, the models themselves may be coming out sooner than I’d thought too 🙂

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6 Responses to Avert Your Gaze

  1. Paul says:

    Iit maybe a filter rather than a responsible adult.
    They tend to be inefficient ime and can ban purely innocent stuff and allow naughty things.

    One example from a session with an afterschool club was that kids had a terrible job researching hamsters for their homework. “ACCESS DENIED”
    While an older lad doing his homework got a document pop up with the F word repeated ad nauseum. We have had worse.

    Look forward to seeing the models for ToL

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Who can tell? I’m pretty sure the text hadn’t got lots of rude words in when I wrote it, and doubt that an editor would have added them. I’m waiting to see what they do let go through.

  2. Well Jake I’ve reported your sick pornographic website to the wordpress authorities!!! A semi-naked lady with her arms chopped off What kind of sick pervert are you? You disgust me 😛

    Censorship, it’s a funny old game. When at work I got a reprimand for send images of my Maine ‘COON’ cats. Yep it was the use of the word coon that got me into trouble. However, a more senior manager passed around images of a celebrity naked and got absolutely nothing. Because the filter didn’t pick it up and he only sent the email to a ‘select few’. The world is full of weird censorship decisions that are decided by algorithms rather than actual people. Not that people make more sensible decisions mind you.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      What’s even more unhelpful about upsetting people with racial slurs is that what constitutes one changes with time and fashion. I’ve been reading a couple of books of accounts by former slaves of their masters, conditions and freedom (among other things). They’re fascinating not only for what they say, but for how they say it. Clearly, the language that would have offended them was not the same as you’d be pilloried for now.

      • Yeah, but it is actually a breed of cat!!! Plus in Maine and other northern states the phrase coon for many actually refers to a raccoon. I don’t think some words are inherently offensive, just the way in which they are used. For instance I got censored on BoLS for referring to the ‘Sex’ Descrimination Act. Yet a few threads along someone was using foul language and verbally abusing somebody. Unbelievable! But there you have it.

      • Quirkworthy says:

        Oh I’ve seen the cats. Huge beasts, they are 🙂

        When I was a kid I had the Disney album with the song about Davey Crocket wearing a “coon skin cap”. I don’ think Walt would have approved of making hats from flayed humans 😛

        On censorship, I’ve given up posting on Warseer as more than half of my posts disappeared, and I hadn’t been saying anything remotely sweary.

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