It Wasn’t Me

Looking at Beast of War’s account of the Warpath Open Day reveals this interesting little bit of information:

“This is all of course setting up Dwarf Kings Hold…In Spaaaaaaace which is planned for Warpath. Corporation Vs ’8th Race’ in the confines of huge asteroids mined out by the Forge Fathers, both in pursuit of the same precious resource. But that is for another day…”

When the aliens invade, just remember not to put Ronnie in charge of covert intelligence for the Resistance.

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13 Responses to It Wasn’t Me

  1. wachinayn says:

    Is that a confirmation? 😛

  2. Curis says:

    Dare you to call it “Space Hold”.

  3. How great though, ‘DKH in Space’………..huge guns, tight ahem….corridors and a boat load of aliens to destroy, today has just got a whole load better. Can I smell another naming competition on the horizon……?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I don’t think so, but we are in Ronnieland now, and the similarities with the Twilight Zone are alarming 😉

      • Minitrol says:

        There is a door, it’s not a scary door it’s a secret door. There is a man. He wears white now he’s a horse he is a dwarf with an autogun.

        He hands you some dice swirly synth music starts to play. Is that Lady Envy in the corner?

        You eat some pie but we control the horizontal. It’s not just the twilight zone.

        Welcome to Ronnieland

  4. Ah bless him. He’s like a little kid, all excited and not able to keep any secrets now isn’t he? His enthusiasm is infectious… lets just hope the madness isn’t!!! 😛

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