Foundry Christmas Open Days

I keep talking to people who say they’ll meet me at one event or another, and I just thought I’d let you guys know I’d be going along to the Foundry Open Days tomorrow and Saturday in case you fancied a chat. They’ve got a bunch of games going on as well as all the usual bargains and offers, so it should be worth a visit. I know that they’ve been painting up armies and making terrain specially for this, so even if you’ve been before there will be new things to see.

I’m going as a normal civilian tomorrow with no particular remit (other than rummaging through the bargain blisters), but on Saturday I’ll be running Tribes of Legend in my official capacity of person wot wrote it. However, I’ll be happy to talk about it on either day, and Hermes may even let you look at the book if you’re very well behaved 😉

For those of you that don’t get to go, I’ll try and get some nice pictures to give you the feel for what you’re missing. The pictures here are from a previous open day.

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