I Know Kung Fu

Well no, I don’t really, but I seem to have learned to speak French as quickly as Neo. At least, it may appear thus.

I’ve got an article in the next issue of Ravage magazine and their dashing Editor has kindly translated it into his native tongue for me. This is much better than if he’d left the task to me as it might actually make sense, though it has the intriguing side-effect of now being unintelligible to the author. 

Will it be in the English edition? Can’t say because I don’t know, but I hope it will. 

And will it cause droves of enthused French gamers to flock to this site? Perhaps, so I shall have to borrow next door’s goldfish to stick in my ear. 

À bientôt
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2 Responses to I Know Kung Fu

  1. billops says:

    you already have french followers, mon bon monsieur !

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