Change of Season

And here come the colds 😦

Feeling particularly grotty today, which is frustrating as I’m having a bit of  a creative phase and am filling notebook after notebook with ideas for new games and bits of games.

There’s lots going on for me in terms of game designing over the next few months and couple of years. I’m waiting a reply from Ronnie about what I should talk about publicly, and then I’ll let you know on the Mantic front. As well as that stuff I’ve got some other projects on the go with different companies which are still a little nebulous to talk about, but are intriguing from where I’m sitting. I’m also looking into self-publishing stuff, which I’ll expand on over the weekend. I’ve got some articles pondering that topic from a couple of angles. Not sure if it’s more than one post or one big ramble.

I also think I can do polls here, and thought I might ask a question or two of you guys.

Anyway, off to go and be ill elsewhere for an hour or three.

Catch you later.

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13 Responses to Change of Season

  1. Sounds intriguing – looking forward to hearing more in due course!

  2. Ben says:

    Particularly interested in the self-publishing side of things so looking forward to reading those.

  3. Porky says:

    Hopefully you’re feeling better soon. That said, I find being a bit poorly can be useful for creativity, that perspectives are slightly different, or the feverishness produces weird ideas. With luck this is true for you too and you can make the most of it.

  4. Jake I too have been struck low by a particularly nasty and virulent form of the ‘man-flu’. I have been forced to stay indoors drinking hot chocolate and playing boardgames. It’s been a terrible imposition on me. 😛

  5. redfox4242 says:

    I am always interested to hear about your creations. I hope you feel better soon. Best wishes.

  6. tornquistd says:

    I looked at the self publish angle a bit. That has become a lot more practical in recent years you can even avoid that nasty tax issue of inventory and the hassle of shipping if you go with one of the providers of print to order. It is the age of Jake! 🙂

    • Quirkworthy says:

      That’s the plan. I’m thinking of asking the Chinese if they fancy replacing the Year of the Pig as that’s clearly a silly year anyway 😉

      • tornquistd says:

        Nice to see that you can maintain your humor while you are not feeling well. My day is a bit brighter from your reply so thanks. May demon rum dispel your misery or if you are too feeble a cup of tea. 🙂 So sad we have to get through life without those handy utility spells.

    • Ben says:

      I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before on here but a friend of mine who’s a lifelong rpg-er wrote his own game a few years ago and self-published it using PoD. He got a friend to do some illustrations, did all the layouts himself and wound up with a really nice looking, high quality book that cost about £4-5 per unit and which he sold for £15. I think he shifted about 6-700 units. You do the math(s).

  7. Roberto says:

    I guess you’ll consider crowdfunding for self-publishing.
    Get well!

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