I think I underestimated quite how unwell I was. So unwell, in fact, that I didn’t sit at my computer at all for 3 days, which is almost unheard of for me. Not dying, you understand, but not well enough to think or type straight.

Back now though.

Some exciting stuff in the offing that I’ll get to in a while (postponed from last week). However, firstly I need to tidy up the loose ends a bit including the questions about Dwarf King’s Hold and Project Pandora that have been hanging about for way too long. Remember those? DreadBall isn’t the only thing I’ve designed. Actually, I have been wanting to redo their FAQs for a bit as I thought of a better way to do them, so it’s probably best to just do that.

All of which has to wait just a few hours more till I get back from Mantic HQ where I’m off right now. It’s just to check everything’s ticking over as it should and to see what cool stuff has come in since I was last there. You never know what you might find on people’s desks. Someone told me yesterday that the Wildcard master was in…

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7 Responses to Bleh

  1. Minitrol says:

    Glad to hear you’re getting better! I have to say it seems to have been a rough changeover season al over the world bloggers and writers falling like flies. The universe telling us to put the dice down for a bit?

  2. Glad you’re feeling better Jake. Looking forward to seeing the Wildcard master sculpt.

  3. squeakeasy says:

    Never underestimate Man-Flu Jake, or even worse Man-thrax 😀

  4. Welcome back to the land of the Living!

  5. Quirkworthy says:

    Thanks folks. Manthrax? Hmmm, sounds dangerous. I think I’ll keep taking the tablets.

    Of course, the irony about all the disparaging comments about “man-flu” that you will probably have all had thrown at you is that women take more sick days than men do (see 1:40 of for example).

    Ain’t stats fun 😉

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