I Asked Nicely…


…and I was ignored both times by both parties. Consequently I have deleted the post with all the bickering in the comments.

Reading a litany of snide comments and sly digs is not amusing or helpful. In fact, it’s wasted a load of my time that could have been better spent answering FAQs. I really don’t care which of you has the last word.

If you can’t behave like gentlemen then please don’t bother posting here.


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19 Responses to I Asked Nicely…

  1. pewc says:

    Fair enough
    Promise I’ll be good.

  2. Buhallin says:

    That’s unfortunate, Jake. There was a lot of good information for people there. Seems like it would have been better to simply delete the offending comments and IP-ban us, but it’s your site.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Perhaps it’s just me being naive. I don’t want to ban people, I just want them to behave like grown ups. I’d like to believe that people can disagree without being snide and rude. Whether this was the intention or not, this was how you both came across, so it had to go.

      I tried deleting and editing comments, but it was taking way too long and left the remainder of the thread garbled. My choice was between allowing the site to devolve into a mass of bickering 8 year olds (and we can all think of examples where that has happened) or cut out the cancer while it was still small, good information, collateral damage and all. I chose the latter. And yes, it was like sitting in the car with the children fighting in the back all the way to grandma’s.

      I’ve run a variety of sites in my time, and in my experience banning IPs makes no difference.

      I suspect that this is purely an artefact of the restricted means of communication allowed by short written comments. In person I’m sure this would be thrashed out simply enough. It would be especially easy because we would be able to get a game on the table and see what the issues were. However, we can’t do that as easily over the net. The very thing that allows the communications in the first place makes them less clear and more easily misinterpreted – a global problem.

  3. Note sure what this is all about. Instead I’ll just say Merry Christmas to you from our Man Cave! I’ve very much enjoyed your posts and hard work with Mantic this year – best wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2013. For us it will be the year of DreadBall and my lad and I just cant wait for it to start 🙂

  4. killaminis says:

    Now we know who’s been Naughty and Nice.. LOL
    BTW, got my Dreadball stuff. The rules and the booklet are amazing, I’m truly impressed. I can really see the work that went into that book. Thanks for toiling have a happy holiday.

  5. Sebastian (rashktah) says:

    WTF? I don’t get what this is all about at all… ^.^

  6. mattadlard says:

    So much for good will to all, still, matter sorte now at least.

    Yule tidings all

  7. James says:

    Merry Christmas Jake

  8. Poosh says:

    A late Merry Christmas! Ah man, I missed the drama, what was it all about? Bah!

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