Kev “Goblinmaster” Adams Injured

Frankly, this makes me both sick and angry.

Just getting reports that Kev Adams was attacked in his home by a group of knife-wielding burglars on wednesday. He was injured in the assault, though luckily he survived. As the report says, if any of you guys are local and saw anything or if you hear anything in the upcoming weeks then let the Police know. Nottingham is full of gamers, and one of us is very likely to hear something sooner or later. Let’s use that to get these cowardly criminal scum caught before they kill someone.

Some of Kev’s friends have set up a Facebook page about this and you may want to go over there to see what they’re up to.

And if you don’t know who Kev Adams is, or why he’s called Goblinmaster, then slide over to the Kev Adams Challenge and find out.

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8 Responses to Kev “Goblinmaster” Adams Injured

  1. Mark Thompson says:

    Wow… sorry to hear that, I can’t help form the other side of the large pond, but I do hope they find these guys.

    At first I thought this was a post that was somewhat satire, after 2/3’s of the way through waiting for the story to twist to a lighthearted state, I realized this was a serious matter. So for that, I am sorry, but I do hope he is alright.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      No satire, unfortunately. I don’t normally post things like this, but then things like this don’t often happen. I just thought that it was important enough for a brief foray away from my normal game-related musings.

  2. James 'Maz' Marsden says:

    Sad news.

    Hope he gets through it.

  3. Philippe says:

    Send him this URL, he might like it (or not) :
    Kev adams is the name of a teenage star in France.

  4. wachinayn says:

    These’re incredibly sad news. I’m a huge fan of Kev. Adams, and have been collecting every greenskin made by him (for a lot of different companies) I could afford since a long time ago.

    I sincerely hope he’s safe and sound. I also hope that the stolen computer will be the only long-term consequence of this assault.

  5. We’ll be donating all club fees tomorrow at War & Peace Games Club towards Kev and hope for his speedy recovery. Details on the Goblin Aid facebook page.


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