Gods, Battles & Eldar Scouts

Tomorrow is the first saturday of the month, so that means it’s God of Battles over at Foundry 🙂

You’re all very welcome to pop along to their factory/shop and have a game, chat about the rules, rifle through the blisters, or all three.

I’ll be on hand to run demo games for anyone that is curious about the game, and there will be more folk to play against for more experienced players. If you’ve got an army bring it along and see who you can defeat!

God of Battles is quick to play and there should the opportunity for a number of scraps during the day. Last time we had a great atmosphere with several battles being fought between a variety of players and armies. As more folk learn the game and turn up with their armies I’ll start testing out some new scenarios with the group and perhaps run a mini-campaign for people.

ghost troopersIn other news, this lot of pencil-headed foreigners turned up this morning from the E’Bai craftworld¹.

The eagle-eyed veterans among you may recognise this backdrop as a small section of the original GW painting station which I’ve recently cleared (and which still holds the debris from the Dropzone models I was cleaning yesterday). Yes, a clear area to paint and model in! Will wonders never cease?

What are they doing on my desk, you may ask? Predictably it’s not to play 40K; no, it’s Lost Patrol again. In a typical sort of arrangement I’ve worked out the rules for the Imperial Guard (and played them a few times, and they’re rather fun), but not got the models I want yet. The Eldar I have here are intended to be another option for the game, though I’ve not actually tried playing the rules I’ve got for them yet. Got the models though 🙂

On the subject of models, these are the old metal versions, not the Finecast variety. Melting² in the sun may be characterful for ice cream, but is downright irritating for models.



1: Not sure what colour scheme that craftworld uses. Working on it.

2: Technically melting is the wrong word for what Finecast does, but deforming (which I believe is the correct term for their behaviour in the warm sunshine) doesn’t fit the analogy (and isn’t funny) so I’ve used some poetic license.

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13 Responses to Gods, Battles & Eldar Scouts

  1. mattadlard says:

    Wow love those Eldar scouts, part of the reason I always went for the Eldar in the first place.

  2. dahayden says:

    Wait, Finecast is heat sensitive? Um, no. I live in the US, in Alabama. It was 92 degrees at midnight once last June, 108 during the day. Regular 90’s throughout summer. Heat sensitive would mean one mistake leaving them in the car, and bye bye minis.

    Very much enjoying your blog. I’ve just gotten back into miniature gaming, even worked up a design to match a world I plan on doing novels in a few years from now. Other books to finish first. Had been doing RPGs though, whenever possible.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I’ve seen real examples of and many more photos of deformed Finecast figures and been told by more people (including GW staff) that this is the case. At least it was initially. There is no reason why GW can’t have tweaked the chemical composition of the goo to make its deform temp higher so it’s more heat resistant. It could be fine now, but personally I won’t be buying any. Of course you may be able to get them back into shape with warm water or a hair dryer or whatever, but if they’ve been painted? In the end, like everything else, you pays your money, you takes your choice. Caveat emptor.

      Best of luck with your writing. Creating worlds is lots of fun 🙂

      • Andy B says:

        I’ve just ordered a ‘Power Armour Through The Ages’ set, which will be my first experience with Finecast. Luckily, I live in Wales – if they melt in the sun down here then I think we’re talking climactic shifts of Mad Max-ian (or Dark Future, or Freeway Fighter, take your pick) proportions.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          The problems seem to be mostly with figures in display cabinets sitting in direct sun. Obviously, bigger (heavier) models with less firm footing are more susceptible. Sadly this isn’t the only issue with Finecast 😦

        • dahayden says:

          Here you have to be careful what you order in the summer or what the delivery guy brings you may be in a bad state. My mother learned this the hard way running a cosmetics shop. I would hope they’d give consideration to what works at home may not work abroad. We just got our first GW store a few months ago. I’ll have to ask what their experience has been next time I pop in. Of course, they may not know yet.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Have a look at what’s in their display cabinets (and where they are). If they’ve got Azhag on his wyvern, balancing on one foot in a sunny window I’d be very impressed. As I said, they may have resolved this problem with deformation by tweaking the chemical composition. I don’t have a lab or the inclination to check. Of course, I could be entirely off-beam here – plenty of people are happy buying Finecast stuff. Mind you, I never was impressed by mere numbers. More people eating at McDonalds does not make it better cuisine than the Ritz.

  3. Will says:

    But Jake, you live in the UK…when is the sunshine going to bother your models?

  4. 万年筆 パイロット

  5. Saansilt says:

    Will you be posting the rules for the imperial guard on the site sir?
    If you already have I haven’t found them. I learned about this place when looking info on the first edition of the “Lost Patrol” game, having gotten the second edition recently. Curious of your thoughts on the new ed as well.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I expect to be posting a few bits, possibly including the IG. It depends on how the old rules I wrote fit with the new rules.

      I’ve just got a copy of the new edition, so I’ll post a review when I’ve had a chance to play it.

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