The French Connection

You may remember me mentioning a package I had coming from La Belle France the other day. Well, it’s been here a while, but what with Salute, Deadzone and whatnot I’d not really looked at it. Anyway, I gave myself a moment to admire the contents and thought I’d show you what it was. I’ll come back to the copies of Ravage another time. For the moment I’d like to focus on…

Alkemy goodies


What? Never heard of it? Well I can’t say I’m terribly surprised. It appeared, shone all too briefly and then sank again below the waves. Kraken Editions was a fitting name for a company that seemed to be swallowed up by sea monsters. However, I was rather fond of it, and being the stubborn and somewhat perverse chap I sometimes am I’ve been collecting all the bits they produced for the game. Above you see the French edition of the main rules (the English version was done and released as a pdf, but never printed), together with two of the boxes I’d missed and a mass of little grey resin figures. You see, even though Kraken have died, Alkemy lives on after a fashion.

Studio 38 now own the license and have continued to produce miniatures for it as a sort of collectors and painters range. They have always been very high quality, and though not all masterworks there were certainly some among the range that deserve that description. Studio 38’s range has allowed me to grab all of the show-only resins that Kraken made as well as a host of new models, some of which I understand to have been sculpted before Kraken died, and others since. I’ve also gone from 2 factions to all 4 as I see no reason to bound my silliness with any attempt at restraint. Anyway, I’m most of the way there now.

I’ll eventually get round to covering the game and reviewing the models individually or as small sets. Either way they deserve some close attention as there are some gorgeous, inventive and unusual models in those ranges.

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25 Responses to The French Connection

  1. Gareth says:

    A shame that there is no longer a game to go with the miniatures, they are quite good, if presented in a terrible website. Cat people? Sign me up.

    Any idea why they went bottom up?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Inexperience in running a business was the cause of their demise, I believe.

      And there still is a game. The end of Kraken isn’t the end of the rules, it’s just that people tend not to play games that are not being supported “live”. At least, not figure games. People seem quite happy playing chess and that’s not had an update for ages.

      I was going to ask Studio 38 if they minded me putting up the English rules pdf so it was a bit more accessible. You can still get it though. Just surf over to

      • Gareth says:

        Ah, that is sad. The rulebook is fantastic quality and the minis excellent. Great fluff too. Might pick up some starters at discount prices. 🙂 Might just be enjoyable playing the starters off each other for a while.

        Thanks for the link!

        • Quirkworthy says:

          You can see why I was sad when it disappeared.

          The starters do make for fun games. Most of the scraps I’ve had we’re using the starter rules and the starter sets. You do need them for the dice if nothing else.

        • Yes, inexperience with the business-side killed the company.

          But there is good news. In our free time we are working on the German version of Genesis and since most of the book has been translated before Kraken went down, mostly layout has to be done. So, Genesis coming out as a German PDF is quite possible in 2013. The German translation will also include the updated rules. Regarding the cards, after the book we will have a look at them. 😉

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Which updated rules?

        • The french rules have been slightly updated. Don´t know whether the Englisch version already got the update. Since we are working from the French original….

  2. MrPanda says:

    I did the same as you with Alkemy !

    The minis shown on the french Ravage were those of a must have.

    Too bad I never (and would probabely never since I have no more partner to play with :-() played it.

    By the way you just informed me about studio38 work I must look at

  3. Cwalton73 says:

    I picked up a set at GenCon when the game came out and later disposed of it in a move, but the set I got did have an English printed rule book. So they exist, but are probably just really hard to come by.

  4. Ben says:

    Will this be hitting the gaming table?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Eventually. There’s no rush as I’m the only one locally collecting it now. The others who did have some dropped it when Kraken fell over or have since moved away. I have to indoctrinate people afresh. Actually, what I’ll do is simply collect all four factions and not expect people to get their own models.

      The Alkemy range is unique AFAIK in releasing one sculpt for every possible model in each range. So, if you could have up to two of warrior type A then they do two models; if three is the max then they do three different sculpts. There are quite a few types, but never many of each one. They’ve not quite finished the whole range yet though they’re well on the way. This makes it easy to complete little bits of the range and pushes my collector button. It also means that I’ll have all the game permutations possible for each army when I have all the models, which I like too.

      So yes, at some point it will get table time. For the moment I’m just hoovering up the set 🙂

  5. Talarius says:

    There’s a small group of lapsed Alkemy followers at my local shop. I was always very impressed with Alkemy’s scenarios. Wiping out the opponent never wins you the game, you always have to fulfill the objectives, which is usually a harder challenge. Very well thought-out.

  6. rosafari says:

    Very cheap leftovers at Ludikbazaar:

    the d’Avalon look good with Red Box Games’ Aenglish.

  7. Elethorn says:

    Hello people! I’m a French-game-player of this terrific “Alkemy”, this game’s the best ever! For those who are going to start it, I hope you’ll enjoy this game!
    If you want more informations, here’s the “forum” where you can found lots of informations and ask questions :
    do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about rules or whatever!

    Vincent “Elethorn” Joly.

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