A Nice Surprise

I’d half-forgotten about them, so when a message from the French postal service landed in my inbox this morning I was a bit confused at first. Google confirmed my schoolboy translation, and my parcel of European obscurity is preparing to leave the country, en-route for jolly old Blighty. Who knows? It may already have left.

And what is in the package? Well assuming I’ve only half-forgotten one parcel from the continent and not more, it’s some very nice looking resin models from Studio 38, plus a copy or two of Ravage. Well, probably more likely to be Ravage. Could be both though.

For those that don’t know, I write a column for the French Ravage, and since the US version has appeared it’s included Quirkworthy’s Ramblings too. I should get round to putting some of the old ones up here as it would be fun to see if they’re still worth discussion and provoke the thoughts I originally intended.

Either way, more shiny toys incoming 🙂

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