DzC Building Scale As Requested

DzC building scale 2To give folk an idea of scale I’ve taken a couple of shots with oddments that were lying about. I’ve not got any Battletech or Heavy Gear mechs so these will have to do. A few people tell me that they thought it would look good with those ranges, so I know it’s a consideration.

Stunt models include some GW Epic land raiders (of 2 vintages), an old rhino, a 40K Space Marine and a 15/18mm AB british Napoleonic line infantryman.

The DzC building is wonky because I’ve not stuck it together yet – it’s just folded into place. The shot below is more of a normal angle to view these things from.

DzC building scale 1

Hope that helps.

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5 Responses to DzC Building Scale As Requested

  1. grantdyck says:

    I suppose they wouldn’t work for 6mm then, definitely 10mm+; even 10mm looks like it might be too small. The AB mini, 18mm, looks just a touch big.

  2. Knight of Infinite Resignation says:

    do you think they would be OK with 15mm sci fi ranges like the old laserburn stuff?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I think 15mm is a bit big. Look at the size of the upper level windows rather than the grand facade on the ground floor. Not out by a long way, but could be enough to look a bit strange. It depends on how picky you are (I’m too picky).

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