1000 Backers For Deadzone

deadzone-logo-whiteOver a thousand backers for Deadzone in under 5 hours. It’s a runaway freight train, going downhill with the wind behind it – and we haven’t even got to the really good stuff yet!

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15 Responses to 1000 Backers For Deadzone

  1. Andy B says:

    $5000 for a telephone conversation? That is some premium rate chatline that you are running!

    Ah well, that’s next Christmas sorted.

  2. dorward says:

    Please give us the good stuff! Especially scenery! I’m a scenery junkie! (Liking the Enforcer minis helped though)

  3. tornquistd says:

    I will second on the scenery. Can’t have to much of that!

  4. Andrew says:

    And I’ll third the scenery. I know a few people who are iffy on the game, but are quite keen on the terrain.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Iffy on the game? Heavens, what a thought!

      Seriously though, some will be drawn by the game, some the miniatures and others the scenery. That’s all cool. The scenery will be added at various stages during the KS, with more types and more sprues aplenty as well as the ability to bolt on as many extra as you need if you want. Remember this isn’t 24 hours old yet!

      • Andrew says:

        It’s more a matter of timing. A couple of them are heavily backing Robotech, so can’t afford to support another. They may jump in for a copy of the rules, though. There is, as you say, plenty of time to win them round to the rest 😉

      • Knight of Infinite Resignation says:

        I like the other games you have written, but I don’t need another sci-fi skirnish game, Infinity and Laserburn are enough. However the terrain looks very useful, I wish it had been available separately, I would have pledged some cash then.

        With regards to terrain though, why does no-one make affordable plastic 28mm civilian vehicles, cheap enough to use as terrain? It can’t be that hard to design something can it?

        • Quirkworthy says:

          The terrain will definitely be available separately as its own pledge level for just that. Lots of people have asked and Mantic’s been listening. I think they’re just waiting to see if they can tool a couple of different sprues first so they can offer the variety they really want to. Or something like that. I don’t deal with the technicalities of running the thing (luckily).

          It is an oddity. There are a bunch in resin (some particularly nice ones from Antenociti) though I’ve never seen them in plastic. You can, of course, get cheapo metal and plastic cards in the toy sections of discount stores and some of them will be the right scale (ish). I would guess (though don’t know for sure) that the main reasons for not making them are that (a) it is expensive and you’d have to sell a boatload to recover the cost, and (b) if you had the money to make a plastic sprue you’d generally be making more soldiers 🙂

          So you’re right – the design wouldn’t be hard (it’s the rest that would hold you back).

        • Knight of Infinite Resignation says:

          thanks for the reply. Glad to hear the terrain will be available separately, will keep an eye on the Kickstarter!

          Antenocitis’ sci fi cars are perfect but at £8 each are too pricey to use as terrain. I really don’t like the look of die cast cars on the tabletop, even when painted well they just look wrong. The exception being 1/43 concept cars manufacturers make available sometimes, these are futuristic enough and nicely detailed, but cost as much as resin ones.

          I tried to persuade the guy over at Proxie Models to make some plastic cars but to no avail. I can imagine some simple one sided moulds with separate wheels that would work. Also plastic sci-fi civilians are a gap in the market, but with no civilians or cars on the books it looks like I’m going to be waiting a while for a solution to empty city syndrome…

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Actually, I’ve just had a thought. You need to be talking to vac form companies. After all, the shell of a car could be made as a vac form mould (without the bottom bit) and that would paint up nicely as a burnt out wreck. Cheap production method too.

        • Knight of Infinite Resignation says:

          good thought, I’ll be making an order from Amera Plastic Mouldings soon so I’ll mention it to them then.

  5. thedauntless says:

    Congrats on the successful kick off to the kickstart, Jake! Am one of the lucky earlybirds myself for Strike team level and cannot wait to see what the final game evolves to in a month-at this exponential velocity of progress, a month seems like much further away doesn’t it?! I’ve been a big supporter of Mantic (and specifically your) board games and it is based on the enjoyment and satisfaction of games like Dreadball and DKH that I’m so excited to help another Mantic Kickstarter along!
    Enjoy the ride and congrats again!
    ps – did I hear correct that there is a rumour of another installment of DKH down the pipe? I use it as a gateway to miniature based games for my students’ games club and it is by FAR the favourite and most accessible intro to the hobby, while being a gem of a stand-alone in its own right – I’d be very pleased to hear that it is still being developed!

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Thank you Dauntless. And yes, you did hear right. There is another hot and tasty helping of DKH on its way. This is the DKH4 I said I wanted to do right back when we started, and it feels like an age of waiting even though it’s actually not been all that long. It’s just that a lot has happened in between.

      This will be a multi-player version, with up to 5 players. I’m also hoping to get the solo rules to work well enough.

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