Deadzone – After Action Report

It’s weird.

I’ve got so used to it over the last month that not having a live Kickstarter to check on is very strange. It’s OK though. I’m sure there will be another one at some point 😉

Still, lots to do to turn the current version into a final one and loads of cool ideas to integrate into it too. I’m looking forward to getting the full versions of each force on the table with all the myriad characters and units we crammed in during the final few days. Got to see how they all work. Lots of new shinies to play with.

I’ll be popping into the office to see how many of the Mantic team survived the weekend and we can work out a proper plan of action from there. And it’s about time I got back to talking about other things too. I’m sure I did some other games once…


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7 Responses to Deadzone – After Action Report

  1. killy666 says:

    Wiil we see pictures of the new sculpts?

  2. Alex Cooper says:

    Hey Jake. It really was one hell of a ride wasn’t it. My laptop couldn’t handle the pace. It was jumping up every 10seconds by the thousands of $.

    What sort of ‘other things’ do you mean? THERE IS ONLY DEADZONE!

    Kidding aside, Deadzone is really shaping up to become a leading light of the wargaming world. A beacon to which others aspire. Both as a game itself and the way you and the rest of Mantic have run this KS. Community driven joy.

    Oh and finally, due to the insanity of the weekend I didn’t manage to get that email of ideas you asked for for a mechanics discussion written and sent to you. But it is now the top of the list of stuff to do. Expect it within the week

    Cheers & Congratulations

  3. Matt Grant says:

    You guys have done a smash up job. I went in with two other buddies, we’re only about 7months into the wargaming experience with another game and when we heard we could get in on the ground floor we all through some cash together so we could be part of the beginning! I know we would all love to see a batrep with game play break down. Us being newer to wargaming as a whole we’re still a bit slow on the uptake learning game mechanics, but do great watching game play and picking up on it there. So we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled. If theres some game play out there already we could watch let me know. That way we can bide out time getting ready for the actual day you ship us the pieces! Keep up the great work!

    The SouthernYank

    • Henry says:

      Matt, if you check out Update #66 on the Kickstarter (currently on page 6) there is a video of some game play – there is supposed to be another part coming, but it covers the basics pretty well!

      • Matt Grant says:

        Thanks Henry that was PERFECT! I appreciate it. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for those other parts in the making.

  4. RangerRobAZ says:

    Really looking forward to this one, it looks to be the best skirmish game ever. Do you know if the plan still includes releasing some more faction / model stats in the near future for beta testing?

  5. John says:

    The rules took a secondary view point for myself and my brother the models blew us away, both scenery and terrain. thats what got us looking at Kickstarter. My brother is really into the back story, and with the amount we have pledged we hope to get other converts in our local club.

    The rules I expect to be awesome regardless as what I have played of Mantics has been pretty damn good. Dreadball especially blew us both away and I can’t wait till i get my hands on these guys!

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