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You’ll have noticed that I’ve not been posting a lot of Deadzone in the last few days. Well, I thought we all needed a change of pace for a day or two. However, I’ve still been working on it and tomorrow I’ve got a bunch of playtesting planned to check a few elements before I post them up for your amusement.

I’ve also been working on the Season 3 DreadBall teams including the teleporting Teratons and the superabundant Zee. Aliens are so much fun. Progress has also been made on the multi-player version of the game and the GIANTS (as I’m calling the multi-hex players).

Think of this as the lull before the storm 😉


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19 Responses to Some Thoughts

  1. Jake says:

    Teratons teleport! :O Dun-Dun-DUN!

    • crimsonsun says:

      It was in the Dreadball fluff when they were put in as a stretch goal, I have long been wondering about how this is going to be implemented without breaking the game.. I have a few concerns about the Dreadball league system but I am holding further comment until after season 3 and I have had more experience with the game, currently my assessment comes from my extensive BB experience…

      • dungeonjinn says:

        annoyingly I missed the kickstarter so its all news to me! though I will also be curious to know how they manage to pull it off

        • Henry says:

          I missed the Kickstarter as well, but I’ve been back through the updates (which are open for everyone to view) to get some info about the Season 3 teams, as I’m really excited for Asterians (and the other teams look pretty cool!) – There’s a lot of good info in there if you’ve got a bit of time to kill!

      • Quirkworthy says:

        What are your league concerns, Crimson?

        • crimsonsun says:

          Its on the grounds of player development, firstly the lack of a cap seems highly open to abuse, and/or enabling a team to advance beyond the scope that underdog bonuses can cope with.

          Secondly I feel that the levelling options available are currently lacking, I though I do realise that more options will be covered in season 3, which is why I said I am happy too wait and see what comes out.

          I am very keen to see what happens regarding season 3 as it is what truly sold me on Dreadball, it offers a level of play that I had always wanted to go to with BB. Giants as you call them just add to my excitement on what is too come. As a personal note, and one I doubt will be actually popular overall regarding player levelling there are no options to make players more effective Killers, which makes me sad. I guess it because of how I play BB, but I like to kill maim and destroy the results are secondary. I was actually surprised by the fact you felt the need to include the new medi care in season 2, this also carries over to deadzone with the auto replacements – in past games I never experienced the issues regarding gangs of unequal power, as the underdogs normally game bonuses in choosing the scenarios and better rewards that make giant slaying less of an issue.

          Obviously I understand there inclusion because I am obviously a minority and I cannot expect to be catered for in this case. I guess I like my games a little more lethal than most…

          While I have your attention though, I am sure you know what I am keen to know… Alpha/Beta faction lists for Deadzone pretty please! I would be incredibly grateful!!



  2. Lines says:

    Jake, great to hear you’re working on Dreadball.
    If you don’t mind please have a quick visit at the Dreadball FAQ section. We’re really waiting for some answers there (Transform and RI/Foul)

  3. Jack Trowell says:

    Multiplayer ? You’re still talking about Dreadball there and not Deadzone ?

    • Jack Trowell says:

      To add to my question : is it about a multiplayer system for Dreadball extreme, a sort of battle royale game, or is it a multiplayer system with more that 2 temas playing in the same stadium (or in a larger one, maybe made from 2 normal sized or the like)

    • Lines says:

      Yes, it´s Dreadball Multiplayer. This video should give a bit more information:

    • Quirkworthy says:

      DreadBall Season 3 (Ultimate) will have rules for multi-player games, among other things. This is several players (up to 6 is my current plan) each with a team, all playing on the same pitch. Naturally the pitch has be bigger to fit all these teams on at once.

  4. Johno617 says:

    Firstly how much investment will the next two seasons etc be ie boards etc, obviously books will be required but they are such awesome books I’d buy them anyway and I would love teratons to teleport as a dice roll where failure means your opponent can place your piece, success means you have a certain amount of hexes of movement and doubles could be anywhere on the pitch, that could work although this would obviously require the teratons to be lacking something elsewhere for balance, it’s the zees I’m looking forward to

    • crimsonsun says:

      I cannot tell you the retail but I know the basic extra season 3 board was a kickstarter option for $20, but you are likely to be looking at around $30 retail, with more expensive upgrades. The Giants were also $20 on kickstarter but once again no idea on the retail.

      Nameless for me, they are a control team of fish men, thats just cool…. And John you know from BB that I love my control teams….


  5. E r i c k B o u c h a r d says:

    Hello Jake,

    I’ve been impatiently waiting for the Nameless team to come out and I’ve got a “concern” (all things being relative to a boardgame issue, of course, not world politics) following your earlier mention that at least one version of the Nameless guards might have an entangling ability similar to MVP John Doe’s rather than a Slam ability. Will these guards be able to earn experience somehow, since they (presumably) can’t kill or take our a player for 3 turns?


    PS. On another note, in answer to a former poster’s comment about underdogs being possibly disadvantaged in leagues: having experienced it firsthand last week (my Veer-myn team had 10mc points more than my opponent’s Robots), the underdog bonus is more than enough to compensate. My team’s 10mc advance was essentially an additional Coaching dice and an additional guard (I’ve had a striker killed). My opponent could have had an additional MVP but simply rolled on the free player table and got an additional 7th robot: I got mopped up good and it was his first game. Honestly, less than 10 points hardly makes a difference and with a 10mc compensation you can buy just about any MVP (except perhaps Buzzcut). 🙂

    • crimsonsun says:

      But what about if the teams are of such a level that MVPs are worse than players? so ok you might have 100k but if you cannot put players on the field that can compete with the top team what can you do? Even if you could balance things say by having 6 MVPs you might even win the game but that does not develop your team at all, so you will still be constantly stuck as the underdog with little hope of advancement…

      This is an extreme I know, but if BB has taught me anything its that the odds are extreme situations will arise eventually.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      @ Erick – good point on the gaining experience. I’ll crunch some more numbers and see how balanced they are.

      @ Crimson – this lack of improving your team is the big downside of MVPs. Useful at times, but less so in the long run.

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