DreadBall Playtest Day

S3 coverTomorrow is another “secret” playtest day, this time for the new teams and multi-player version of DreadBall’s Season 3. It’s always fun to see what folk make of the new stuff for the first time and how much they manage to break in the first half hour. There’s always something 😉

As you can see from the cover art above, it’s an expansion that’s full of alien goodness as well as a new class of absolutely enormous players that I’m calling GIANTS. One of them has tentacles too.

Tomorrow’s closed playtest session will (hopefully) iron out any remaining major bugs in the teams and make a start on the multi-player game. Those are the first two major elements and need to be built on in that order. The GIANTS come last as they need the framework of the other elements to work within. It would be nice to get everything tested at the same time, but the reality is that even doing two elements is a stretch. Brains get fried ever so quickly at these events.

All of which brings me to something I mentioned yesterday, which is a public testing phase. This will start next week once I’ve taken the feedback from tomorrow’s games and written up any changes that are required. We’ll start, as the playtest day does, with the new teams. They’re things you can easily proxy a few models for and get on the table straight away. All you need is the stat sheet and any new abilities that apply – you know the rest 🙂

If the Deadzone alpha/beta was anything to go by I expect to be quite busy once this goes out…

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3 Responses to DreadBall Playtest Day

  1. Lines says:

    Very excited!
    Looking forward.

  2. hephesto says:

    Exciting times indeed, best of luck and, most of all, hope everybody has fun working with the new rules!

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