There Will Be Prizes

GoB_LOGO on white webIt being the first saturday of the month, it was God of Battles day at Foundry today. We’ve done a few of these now and I thought it might be nice to change things up a bit. So,  after talking to Marcus at Foundry, I’ve decided to run a little tournament next time for anyone who wants to bring an army along and play. This will be the 7th of September. Foundry will be providing some prizes for the competitive among you, and if the normal sessions are anything to go by, everyone will have a fun time.

As it’s our first go at this I don’t expect this will be very large in terms of numbers of generals, so I think we should keep it down to a 24 point army, including both Main Force and Command & Support. Models don’t have to be Foundry’s (though it would be nice) nor do they absolutely have to be painted (though that would be nice too). The one restriction is no Behemoths in T’lekkan armies. I’m thinking of making these 25 points anyway and this would reflect that change. I’ll explain why later, but for now just don’t take one. Everything else is as listed in the book.

As mentioned, there will be prizes. Exactly what they’re for hasn’t yet been decided, but winning battles is rather likely to crop up among them 😉

It will be free to come and play (or watch). You just bring your army and any miracle cards, dice, tape measures, lucky sheep, etc you need. Tables, scenery, tea and biscuits will all be provided.

Any questions, just ask.


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  1. mattadlard says:

    Cool, will be there with my undead, again…..

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