Cards For Naughty Rebels

DZ rebelsHere’s the first wave of rebel cards. This is enough to get the starter set on the table together with a sample battle deck.

There are a couple of new rules to post which I will add as a separate post in an hour or two. This will include the abilities listed here.

The Rebels have quite a variety of “normal” troopers to pick from, each of which is subtly different in battlefield use. This will become more obvious with the points in place. These aren’t as dramatic as the Grogan heavies or the fearsome Teraton brawlers, though having said that even lowly humans can have a good day, as Ronnie showed in this battle against Stew. The Rebel human nearest the camera accounted for at least two of the Marauders facing them – more than the Taraton.

Rebels Faction deck v1

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17 Responses to Cards For Naughty Rebels

  1. Chris Blackburn says:

    Do all weapons now have individual ranges? Or have I missed something? Hope they do adds more flavor and differences.

  2. Ian James says:

    Hi Jake, thanks for putting another faction up for us. The Rebel Commander has a Sniper Rifle, but not the Sniper special rule. Is this on purpose, or is it just missing from the card?

  3. Rob Taylor says:

    Hi Jake, there is also no mention (that i can see) of how teleport works on the terraton.

  4. jonatan reino (asdepicas) says:

    Awesome! We will test them tomorrow, i’m surprised that humans have nearly the same stats than a goblin… Not that is bad, just interesting… Also i was expecting grogan to be stronger due to their mini, well, they are stronger and more resilient than a human but not as an orx

    • jonatan reino (asdepicas) says:

      Also thought that the teraton was going to be more resilient than a 2nd gen or an enforcer… Something like tough in warpath. I’ll post some feedback as soon as we test them, really interesting faction

  5. Ian James says:

    Had another couple of games this evening. I used the Rebels, my opponent the Marauders. My team consisted of a Rebel Commander, a Rebel Yndij Sergeant, 3 Rebel Humans, a Rebel Yndij Hunter and a Rebel Teraton. My opponent had a Commando Captain, 2 Goblin Snipers, 3 Marauder Commandos and 1 Mawbeast.

    I found the humans surprisingly capable. They seem like an ‘average’ soldier for other factions to benchmark against. In both games, the human soldiers took out their fair share of Marauders. The 2 Yndij characters were very similar to the humans, especially as we didn’t have the definition of ‘Tactician’ for the Sergeant. The Teraton was a lot of fun to use, especially with his Grenade Launcher. I found this as useful as his Melee ability. He did draw a lot of fire, but his decent armour and survival meant he weathered quite a lot of this. When he did get to Fight with a Commando, he made short work of him.

    The Marauders faired much better than in my previous experience with them. In the second match, a single sniper took out my Commander and the Teraton! The Mawbeast was really brutal, and chewed through a couple of my characters on a couple of occasions.

    Looking forward to more when we get it. Thanks again Jake!

  6. jonatan reino (asdepicas) says:

    After a couple of games with rebs and marauders this is what we’ve found:
    It would be nice to have teams for rebs and marauders as there were for enforcers and plague so we can test with even fights
    Goblin sniper is tricky to play but really devastating when used right
    Marauders really need the rippers as for now they are lacking a heavy hitter
    Mawbeasts are really fun and have the potential to wreck the strategy of both players.
    Never underestimate humans… Enough of them can kill an enforcer
    Teratons grenade is a really interesting tactical addon
    We expected more from Teraton himself (or herself 😉 ) we were expecting something more resilient than an enforcer, teleport is really awesome preventing heavy weapons from overwatching, but in the end 2nd gens usually kill the teraton due to having nore mobility (skill and more move cards) so it usually charges and becuse 2nd gen is usually enraged and teraton is not… We expected a more even fight due to teraton being more resilient.
    We love to see the orx commander sitting behind his troops commanding.
    Rebel commander is really awesome, even better when we know what strategist does.
    Love to see marauders still drawing 2 cards when commander dies.
    Grogan cannon seems not worth compared to normal rifles
    Really awesome how spotting drones work, really annoying to have them around

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Thanks Jonatan – very useful feedback.

      The first of the cards with points on will be going up today, so you can try them out and see how balanced games look 🙂

      Grogans need their missing ability.

      • asdepicas says:

        we have some games coming on thursday and friday, with the point costs testing is going to be reaaaaally fun, will be giving more feedback on saturday, hope its something useful.
        our rebel player will be happy hearing about the grogans cannon missing ability, he was kinda pissed with the weapon being less effective than a rifle XD

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