DreadBall Ultimate Pitch

I know many of you will have seen this , but just in case you missed it this is the multi-team Ultimate DreadBall arena in all its neon glory.

Ultimate ArenaThis version takes up to 6 teams at once and is, as you might expect, somewhat anarchic. Loads of fun though 😉

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14 Responses to DreadBall Ultimate Pitch

  1. Henry says:

    So pretty – can’t wait to give this a try!

  2. lostcarpark says:

    Love it! Can you sneak us any details, like how scoring works? I’m guessing each team has one and a half strike zones to defend, but which strike zones can they score in?

  3. Why do I see allot of players needing to be brought back from the dead after each game. I hope there is more than 1 refbot because it could get real messy on the pitch.

  4. lines42 says:

    Wow. Awesome. So this is for 3 and 6 players, right?
    Jake, you still want ti give us information about the Judwan, prone cage and throw-in changes? I consider this erratas instead of new rules. So it would be cool to have the and not wait for S3 to be released.
    Taking of release: is there a release date sceduled for S3?

  5. Jerry Bio says:

    I can’t even imagine the chaos and carnage that results from this.

  6. Henry says:

    Is this going to be sold like this as a separate product?

    • lostcarpark says:

      I understand the S3 rulebook is a separate product, so I expect the Ultimate pitch will too… unless there’s a Dreadball Ultimate box set in the works.

      I believe there will also be an option to buy the extra pieces to make this from the MDF or Acrylic pitches.

    • If you look at the Update via Kickstarter (I missed the KS myself, but still check up on the sight every few weeks for the latest updates) it does mention that it will be available for sale made of Mouse Mat material (similar to the Deadzone boards) and sold as a seperate product.

      My questions are:
      Will there be a Standard game board available in the same “rollable” material?
      Will the hexes be slightly bigger then the original board to account for body parts sticking out when things start to cluster (and cluster they shall in a 6 player game)
      Will there be a new starter set eventually with both boards and different teams then Orx and Humans?

      In Regards to that last question, It might be nice to an “Ultimate Dreadball” box set eventually with three teams (Personal Preference is probably Humans, Robots, and Teratons) with the a condensed rule book, both game boards, both game decks, and a copy of whatever two MVPs aren’t selling well that can be used by at least two of those teams just to clear the shelves lol.

  7. ChemKid says:

    Just by looking at the board and not having played any games on the big board yet it looks like it could be used to play games where two coaches work together, so instead of having six teams bashing it out you could have 3 lots of 2 teams working together which could be fun, i dont know what this would do to the balance of the game though.

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