Deadzone – More Marauders

I think I’ve got the points system finally sorted so you’ll see the cards with that tomorrow when I get a chance to run everything through the calculator. For now, here’s the whole of the Marauder stat lists.

Marauder Faction deck v2

You’ll also want the updated abilities list.

  • Strategist – WIP
  • Tactician – WIP
  • Agile – each turn this model may make either a Climb or a Sprint action as a short action.
  • Fast – a Sprint action counts as a short action for this model.
  • marksman +1 shoot
  • Sniper +2 shoot
  • Support – this is a large and cumbersome weapon and the rule applies if the model is carrying one of these. The model gets -1 dice in Fights (whether it uses Fight or Survival).
  • Slow – Shoot and Throw Grenade are long actions for this weapon
  • Melee – this weapon may only used in Fights
  • Single shot – no BA
  • Rapid Fire – No Shoot
  • Blast – roll as Blaze Away, resolve as per frag grenade ignoring damage (keeping blast only and any damage resulting from that – falls, etc)
  • One-use – may only be used once.
  • BOOM! – explodes when they die. May choose to explode at any point during a friendly turn. Explodes like an accurate frag grenade.
  • Teleport – long action. Move 2 cubes in any direction regardless of clear route. Cannot overwatch against this. If ends in cube with enemy model in will fight as if moved there normally.
  • Spotter – If this model can see a target cube then any Blaze Away attempts at it are at +1. Not cumulative for more than one Spotter. Does not count as an action for the Spotter.
  • Fragile – is not injured. Any damage that gets past the armour will kill them.
  • Flying – the model hovers in the air and never settles. Ignore the model’s “flying stand” or base for purposes of LOS to it.
  • Gun Crazy – Shoot and BA are long actions. After resolving either action, roll a single dice. On a 5+ you must immediately shoot/BA with one of your other weapons. Roll a single dice again after resolving this action. A further 5+ means you must use the third weapon system to shoot/BA. After resolving this, roll a single dice again. On a 5+ the model Blazes Away one last time using the rotary cannon. However, the target cube for this final shot is chosen by the opposing player.
  • Solid – the model is not affected by blast effects such as pinning and being thrown into other cubes.
  • Limited Range – this weapon may not fire beyond combat range.
  • It Burns! – sets targets on fire. Roll vs BA as normal, then roll survival again against the flames. Draw or Survival wins = no effect. Survival doubles = target moves 1 cube, remaining in current Aggression state. Flames win = difference in successes +1 is potential damage. Flames double = difference in successes +1 is potential damage plus the target remains on fire. Models that are on fire cannot do anything except try to put out the flames (long action). Roll a test when the model is activated. For this test the flames are 4+. The test is a 3 dice 4+ vs Survival test. If the flames win then the difference in successes is potential damage resolved at AP2. If it is a Draw or the Survival wins then the flames are extinguished. The only modifiers are +1 per friendly model in the same cube that uses their activation to help. If a model is attacked whilst they are on fire they roll -2 dice to defend themselves.
  • Volatile – if this model’s armour saves it from injury then roll a single dice – the armour may have protected the wearer, but is the volatile fuel cell intact? On the roll of a 1-7 then the fuel is safe. On the roll of an 8 the fuel tank ruptures, setting the model on fire. Any flame weapon carried by the model is destroyed.
  • Frag  – resolve the weapon effect as a frag grenade. This weapon may have a different range listed from a thrown frag grenade.
  • Massive Frag –  resolve the weapon effect as a frag grenade with +3 dice. This weapon may have a different range listed from a thrown frag grenade.
  • Knockback – in addition to other weapon effects, the target may knocked back. Resolve the attack as normal. Then, if the target did not double the attacker they are moved one cube directly away from the firer. To find this, continue the LOS through the model and into the first new cube beyond the one it is standing in. If this causes the model to fall then resolve that as listed on page XX. After it has been moved the target model loses 1 Aggression.
  • Tough -The model ignores one point of potential damage per successful attack.
  • Vehicle – see full rules.
  • Indirect – this has a number of effects.
    • The weapon can Shoot at targets it cannot see.
    • The weapon cannot target anything that is under half its base range. For example, a Range 6 Indirect weapon cannot target anything at a distance of 1-3 cubes.
    • Treat the attack as a Thrown Grenade. However, you must roll to hit your target twice in combat range and three times beyond that. if any of these attempts fails then the round scatters once for that miss and then once more for each attempt you have not yet made. For example, a shot at long range needs to be accurate three times. If the first is successful, but the second fails then the round will scatter twice before it lands and explodes.

And a rough of the vehicle rules.

DZ Vehicles v1

Enjoy 🙂

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29 Responses to Deadzone – More Marauders

  1. crimsonsun says:

    That is a whole metric ton of goodies for us to absorb!! 😀 Thanks Jake!

  2. jonatan reino (asdepicas) says:

    Yaaaaayy!!!! Lots of goodies! Lots of stuff!!! Thanks jake!!!! More things to tedt tomorrow! Just hoping that teraton may get the tough skill, im plague and enforcer player, but have always thought teraton and 1st gen where going to be the toughest guys around

    • Quirkworthy says:

      being able to teleport past dangerous areas (and into Fights) makes the Teraton much more survivable than it’s stats might suggest. This is the sort of thing I mean when I say that points systems are always tricky. How much, exactly, is that ability worth? How much would it be worth on a Goblin Sniper instead? So is it a multiplier or a fixed cost? And if it is a multiplier, of what?

      Don’t worry. Stage 1s are formidable beasties.

      • asdepicas says:

        yup, adjusting point costs is one of the most difficult things when doing a game, creating special rules and units is the “easy” part, as a veteran group of players we did our own version of warhammer time ago, and the biggest problem we found was the point cost thing, it was quite difficult to equilibrate each army and units… but we have a lot of faith in you XP
        about the teraton, teleport is a very good ability, but with the inclusion of “sprint” overwatch is far less effective, so it shouldnt cost too many points. and we insisit in that a giant turtle should be more resilient than an enforcer XP this week we have a couple games prepared in our club, i will give some feedback as soon as we play

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Look forward to hearing how you get on. I’ll be posting lots more for the rest of this week (as it’s all got to be finished), so check back to ensure you’ve got the latest versions.

          All feedback welcome.

  3. jonatan reino (asdepicas) says:

    Fighty ripper not having solid is intended or just an error?
    Must say ripper suits are awesome, really like this set of cards!! Hope that in the new beta rules will come explained what “combat range” means… May it be that yoy can shoot beyond your range with some kind of minus??

  4. Teemu Hemminki says:

    Oh you are giving us DZ fans so much love! It was worth the wait.
    Somehow I just love your concept for vehicle rules, they are clear and “quick”, but are still deep enough. I would like to see different “critical damage charts” for different types of vehicles, but understand that it might just slow the game down too much.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Bespoke damage charts can be characterful, but can also get a bit cumbersome. At present we don’t have a lot of vehicles to pick from, so it might be possible. Probably not in this first pass though. Maybe as an expansion. We’ll have to see.

  5. Jack Trowell says:

    Thanks for the updated cards.

    I have a few questions/remarks :

    – “Agile” as written seems like it is stricly superior to “Fast”, is it intented ?

    Also, I suppose to those action are still limited to once per turn, correct ?

    – “Tough” : functionnaly this seems to work exactly like +1 armor would do, is there a reason why it’s not just written as an armor bonus ? Hum, I just realised that armor piercing attacks might not be affected by the Tough ability, so in fact it seems to be stricly superior to armor.

    Is it correct and the way it is supposed to work ?

    – the Stuntbot and melee Ripper suit buzz weapons have “range F”, what does it means ?
    Melee weapon ? Why not use the “melee” keyword then ?

    – “Rapide fire” preventing the shot action completly seems rather extreme, as you would expect that such weapon should still be able to kill someone exposed.

    Maybe reduce it to “shot -1” so it is still a BA specialist weapon but can still have a chance to kill something if needed.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      For several of your comments, I’d say not just superior, but different. For example, I could give Fast to a bike, but not Agile as it couldn’t climb.

      Now all actions are limited to once per model activation (not counting cards).

      You spotted the cool bit about Tough. Better than armour as it can’t be countered by AP.

      Range F is Fight only. melee weapon will be deleted as it simply duplicates this.

      RF is partly a doctrinal thing, partly a weapon design thing and partly a game tactics thing. I’ve been looking at ways to neatly include a faint possibility of very lucky Blaze Aways injuring people, which would cover this too.

      • Jack Trowell says:

        Thank you for your answers.

        About rapid fire, if you do include a way for a Blaze away to sometimes wound with a very lucky roll, then I will have no more objection to the rule as it is presented now.

      • Captn Morgrim says:

        Hey, Jake,
        Just a few thoughts I had on Blazing away:
        Ever since you mentioned that you were considering to add a damage mechanic on top of BA I was wondering how that could work. With the current rules, I ‘m guessing that a “shooting triples” result would trigger it, along the lines of “Shooting triples: Roll a free shooting attack against the enemy (even if the weapon has rapid fire).
        However 2 possible results trigger a “Shooting x3”: a.) the target fails all its survival rolls (in this case, the maximum result is applied; b.) the shooter triples by rolling an insane ammount of successes. So, either one unlucky victim is hit, or by sheer ammount of dice exploding into 8s, you wipe out all life on that square/cube. So far the theory, not taking the current rules for BA into account.
        The current cover rules run counter to that, i.e. cover making people more easily affected by BA, but then the free shooting attack, would go against a Survival check with 2 extra dice (cover and pinning), making the whole process difficult to succeed. This might just turn into another very long dice rolling action (like the endless melee action I encountered while playtesting).
        Just wondering what your thoughts are on that.

  6. Chris Pearse says:

    I see we have several ranges on weapons that had no limit on the enforcers/plague,(rifle,range 6). Should we now consider all rifles range 6?

  7. Jack Trowell says:

    Now that all actions are “once per turn”, sprint can be used to move 2 square instead of doing 2 moves, but what about units with the “fast” or “agile” ability ? Can they do both a sprint and a move, meaning that they moved a total of 3 square ?

  8. asdepicas says:

    still havent test them, but seems that commando sergeant is slightly better than the warlord, warlord has ap1 melee weapon and a 3+ fight…. but having brawler (as sergeant has) is slightly better than having 3+ fight… (just done the math)

  9. Mike says:

    The updates are coming thick and fast, is there a central repository where all the most up to date rules and cards can be found?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      The best idea is to come here and use the most recent version of each element. Each version of something overwrites the previous one. I’m hoping to upload a new version of each card deck tonight and then a new version of the rules tomorrow.

  10. Peter B says:

    1. I hate asking these kind of questions, because I’m not trying to challenge the basic model, but should the Ripper Suits & Hulks be able to climb as easily as the lighter infantry? (since Teratons can teleport, elevation is clearly not an issue for them)

    2. If a model carries two support weapons (see Shooty Ripper suit) is it down 2 dice in a Fight or just 1? (I’d guess 1, but this could be taken either way as is)

    3. Did you intend for the Support stat on HEW Beamer to cost the Stuntbot a die in fighting? Seems like this shouldn’t be an issue for a vehicle.

    4. Does flying mean a unit is always engaged as if it is in the open (+2 dice)? That’s rather harmful, especially for drones which already have Fragile tacked on.

    5. Should the rotary cannon, the onslught cannon, etc. be getting some sort of bonus to BA actions? It seems odd that these weapons are no more effective than a basic rifle at keeping targets pinned down.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Ask away Peter. Challenge is fine because it makes me think.

      1. You could argue that they should be able to climb more easily because they’re taller creatures with longer limbs. I think it all evens out.

      2. Just 1, but could be clearer. Good point.

      3. Agreed. I cut and pasted the stat line for the weapon and should have taken that off. Actually, I have a better idea.

      4. No. The only difference between flying and other models is that you ignore the base for flying models. This does makes them easier to get clear shots at. However, they can still use terrain and be partly obscured by intervening models, half-hidden behind walls, etc.

      5. They should. They’ll be included in the next update.

      Some excellent points there. Just what I need. Keep ’em coming!

  11. Mike says:

    Hello Quirkworthy,

    I am really enjoying all your recent Deadzone posts and am absolutely kicking myself for not ordering any Marauders during my kickstarter survey back when I had the chance. Doh! You have created a superb army here. My questions:

    1) Are the kickstarter sets for each faction designed to be ready to play ‘out of the box’ in terms of balance? Bit like the Deadzone teams? For example, could the Marauders as they are in the kickstarter set go toe-to-toe against the contents in the Plague/Rebs/Enforcers box sets in a balanced fight? Or since play testing would you recommend the odd commando incinerator or extra mawbeast to balance things up against certain sets/foes?

    2) Looking at the rebel V1 cards, the Rebs are certainly a diverse bunch! Why would you take a human rebel over a yndij hunter? Or visa-versa. They both seem the same with the yndij being slightly better or will the introduction of points be a decisive factor?

    That’s all. Thanks for sharing your rules and keep up the good work! Excellent stuff!

    • Almer says:

      A human can shoot as an overwatch action, and a yndij not. Making a human somewhat deadlier in overwatch from what I see.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      1) No. We decided to go for numbers of models rather than balanced points and then force things into that. This means that some forces will have more points than others “out of the box”, though I’m not 100% sure what the discrepancy is yet. What you will have is choice, and this is important to me as it gives you a lot of replay value. If I lose a game do I need to change this for that, to swap one of these for two of those, etc?

      2) Points will make a difference. However, there are a number of subtle differences that make an impact overall. Of course, you may just prefer one set of models 😉

  12. Chris Richardson says:

    At the last minute I changed my extra faction for Strike Team to Marauders. You’ve made me one happy greenskin owner. So much in the goodies dept! Thanks for the data dump Jake. I hope to get a game in this weekend.

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