A Few Deadzone Rules Snippets

As promised, the abilities for the Rebels and a couple of new rules.

The abilities are just shorthand descriptions at present. One of the many things left to do is write them out fully. I’ve included a few other ones as well. Ask if things aren’t clear.


  • Agile – each turn this model may make either a Climb or a Sprint action as a short action.
  • Fast – a Sprint action counts as a short action for this model.
  • marksman +1 shoot
  • Sniper +2 shoot
  • Support – this is a large and cumbersome weapon and the rule applies if the model is carrying one of these. The model gets -1 dice in Fights (whether it uses Fight or Survival).
  • Slow – shoot is long action for this weapon
  • Melee – the weapon is only used in Fights
  • Single shot – no BA
  • Rapid Fire – No Shoot
  • Blast – roll as Blaze Away, resolve as per frag grenade ignoring damage (keeping blast only and any damage resulting from that – falls, etc)
  • One-use – may only be used once.
  • BOOM! – explodes when they die. May choose to explode at any point during a friendly turn. Explodes like an accurate frag grenade.
  • Teleport – long action. Move 2 cubes in any direction regardless of clear route. Cannot overwatch against this. If ends in cube with enemy model in will fight as if moved there normally.
  • Spotter – If this model can see a target cube then any Blaze Away attempts at it are at +1. Not cumulative for more than one Spotter. Does not count as an action for the Spotter.
  • Fragile – is not injured. Any damage that gets past the armour will kill them.
  • Flying – the model hovers in the air and never settles. Ignore the model’s “flying stand” or base for purposes of LOS to it.
  • Gun Crazy – Shoot and BA are long actions. After resolving either action, roll a single dice. On a 5+ you must immediately shoot/BA with one of your other weapons. Roll a single dice again after resolving this action. A further 5+ means you must use the third weapon system to shoot/BA. After resolving this, roll a single dice again. On a 5+ the model Blazes Away one last time using the rotary cannon. However, the target cube for this final shot is chosen by the opposing player.
  • Solid – the model is not affected by blast effects such as pinning and being thrown into other cubes.

New Rules

There are two new actions.

  • Sprint – long action – move 2 cubes. Cannot include any changes in level.
  • Climb – long action – move 2 cubes. Both must include an increase or both include a decrease in level.

Aim can now be used for Blaze Away and works exactly the same way. In effect this is not really aiming as much as just spending longer shooting. However, the result is the same: +1 dice.

Enjoy 😉

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15 Responses to A Few Deadzone Rules Snippets

  1. Peter B says:

    What am I missing about the Onslaught Cannon? Right now it is a range 5 weapon with rapid fire (can only blaze away) and a shoot 5+ while a regular old human with a rifle can do the same thing at a longer range with the same skill or (if he wants) he can just go ahead and shoot when the situation calls for it.

    Is there some additional benefit intended for this weapon which is not presently before us?

  2. jonatan reino (asdepicas) says:

    When sprinting can you begin a close combat? If yes, seems to be a better way to charge as overwatch would be less efective

  3. jonatan reino (asdepicas) says:

    Also im missing the tactician and strategist abilities

  4. PeterB says:

    1. What happens if an explosion would throw a model off the board? (Mawbeast got nailed in the Marauder set up zone and sent a commando flying) We left him in the square in place, but…
    2. Is a Mawbeast worth VPs to the opponent if it self destructs? (or at all?)
    3. As a general matter, should we assume 1 VP for all Marauder & Rebel miniatures other than the Ripper Suit & Teraton (I’m assuming those are 2 each)?
    4. When a model is thrown by a blast, who places it?
    5. Since Distract can only be played on a model which hasn’t yet activated this turn, it seems like player 1 enjoys an advantage in playing this card which didn’t exist in the Alpha – are you ok with that?

    Enforcers annihilated the Marauders. Things might have gone better if the Goblin sniper hadn’t gacked a 7 die attack to no effect, but once he was picked off, the Marauders were pretty much in the hurt locker. Their only kill came from a well-timed headshot.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      1. Treat this like hitting a wall.
      2. Yes. The object being to take something more dangerous with you… and also, some missions don’t worry about losses in the same way as others.
      3. Yes, for the moment. You’ll get proper mission cards very soon which will replace this system.
      4. The owner of the model always places a model.
      5. IIRC Distract wasn’t in the Alpha. Yes, I’m OK with that. It’s a one-use card and so you can’t stall someone every time. Also, the first player in each turn may change (the players control that by their play). I suspect Distract is more use in Rounds 2+ than Round 1.

      Messing up perfectly good 7 dice tests is never going to help. You’ve got the Rippers to help you now though 😉

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