Deadzone Mission Cards

Here’s a few to try out. For the moment just give them to any faction.

Mission cards v2

They should mostly be self explanatory. The few extra things you need to know (off the top of my head) are:

  • Set up 3 objective markers (X, Y, Z). It should be obvious that they are objective markers. For this mission it doesn’t matter which is which, but in future it might.
  • Choosing a force. Up to 70 points.
  • The level of the force (A, B or C) is a reflection of its rarity (or otherwise). more obscure troops are higher letters.
  • The force you choose is classed as the highest level letter you take. However, High Command will let you get away with a little bit of excitement, so if you only have one of the highest letter then you count as the letter below. For example, if I took C, B, A, A, A, A then I would be a B force. If I took C, C, A, A, A then I would be a C force. If I took B, A, A, A, A, A then I would be an A force.
  • Each card lists the same totals for each letter needed to win.
  • Draw your mission secretly at the start of the game. keep track of how many VPs you’ve got and declare it at the end of any Round you have got the total you need. If you both go over in the same Round then the highest total wins. If there’s a draw then play one more Round.

There’s bound to be more, but that should get you started.

More tomorrow.

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14 Responses to Deadzone Mission Cards

  1. asdepicas says:

    interesting mission mechanic, being secret means you got to be wary about your opponent moves… another tactical dimension added, really eager to try them out (allready printing everything XD )

  2. Brian S says:

    Hi Jake-

    Thanks for all this! When exactly should capture and hold VPs be calculated during the turn?


  3. Jack Trowell says:

    If I have C, A, A, A, A, is my force at level “B” or at level “A” ?

  4. Jack Trowell says:

    I like the objectives, but in they current version they seems very predictable, as only one use the objectives, and only one has units leaving the board.

    Is there plans to add others mixed objectives, like one giving a few points when you control an objective and some kill points too ?

    This would help muddy the waters, so that a player capturing an objective doesn’t means that it is his main objective for exemple, but you might still want to contest it.

    Also, if we get objective cards with the game, then it could be a good idea to get multiples of them to allow both players to get the same objective. If those card come with the faction deck, then i suppose that it will already be the case.

    Hum, objective cards coming with faction deck could also allow for faction specific objectives, I like this idea …

    • Quirkworthy says:

      These were just something to get you started.

      The final version of the faction decks has a different set of missions for each faction, and you only use your own mission cards. This means that different forces may have unique missions as well as similar or even identical ones. As they’re secret and drawn at random you never know whether the opposition is moving through the objective cube to capture it, contest your capture of it, move past to pick up some items, line up a better shot, move off your side, etc. There is plenty of room for bluff and double bluff here.

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  6. Brandon says:

    The reason I backed this game was solely because I thought the models looked fantastic, now the rules are comming together, words can’t describe just how excited I am

  7. Peter B says:

    Recon seems much too hard, Capture too easy.

    The Plague can win a game under Capture orders on turn one if the Control points are in the center of the board (which seems like what’s intended).

    For Recon – a player without fast units can’t score any points until turn 5. Meanwhile, he has the same VP target as a player operating under S&D orders and that player will score points with much less effort.

    Should players nominate a Commander at the start of the game (based on the highest CMD criteria of course)? This can be necessary with things like a Plague Force which lacks a General or Stage 1A – everyone else is a 1/1.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Exact timings depend on the deployment (of which there are some variations) and the available models and cards. movement cards, Scout models can all change your calculations.

      The commander is the highest CMD Leader in the force. Choose if there are multiple equally qualified options. Mercs cannot be commanders.

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