Some Abilities Might Help

First off, I forgot to mention that I’ve renamed what was Slow as Deliberate. This is so that I can use the term Slow for the ability which is the opposite of Fast. Made sense to me šŸ˜‰

Here is a partial list of Abilities. It should cover most of what you don’t already have.

DZ Abilities v1

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11 Responses to Some Abilities Might Help

  1. Chris Richardson says:

    So you are saying we should add this ability to the list? “Slow – A move action counts as a long action for this model.”

  2. Dustin says:

    Jeeeeez… I can NOT wait for this game. The $300+ plus of Kickstarter loot, especially the terrain which is going to double wonderfully for my Infinity club.

  3. Jack Trowell says:

    The plague HMG has the rule “weight of fire”, but in the ability list this rule is not listed

    “Hail Of Bullets” is probably the appropriate rule, but wich name is correct ?

  4. Jack Trowell says:

    Some questions on deployable weapons :

    – when you say that the action count as a sprint for interaction with other rules, I suppose that it also means that it is a long action, correct ?

    – deployed weapon are said to never take actions, and they start deployed with an overwatch counter, but a way to recharge the overwatch counter once spend seems to be missing. The only way currently available seems to be to repack and deploy again the weapon, but if my previous point is correct, it would mean two long actions from an engineer, which seems too much. Did I miss something ? Maybe the deply action should be useable on an already deployed weapon to recharge the overwatch counter or a new action introduced ?

    • Jack Trowell says:

      I have just read about the sentry ability, this should resolve the overwatch problem as long as the deployed weapon as hit, I should learn to finish reading the file before posting my comments. ^_^

      The point of the deploying action being a long action still stand, as it’s not explicitely confirmed.

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