Deadzone Faction Deck: Plague

As before, the full deck with missions, stat cards and battle deck.

Plague Faction deck v5

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7 Responses to Deadzone Faction Deck: Plague

  1. jonatan reino (asdepicas) says:

    Very good mission selection, perfect for the faction. Im not so sure that i like the changes in the deck, plague needs move cards as it is the main melee faction and you have reduced them. Also, as they begin enraged they do not need so many courage, in my opinion courage cards should be more common (if not exclusive) in enforcers deck, giving too many courage cards to every faction can kill the blazing away strategy wich is one of the most interesting things this game has.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Can begin Enraged. Don’t have to. Also, with the improvements in BA it’s likely that they’ll be losing levels more than before. I still don’t think that it will stop BA being effective, it’ll just mean that sometimes the big nasties are hard to put down – as they should be!

      In either case, the battle deck you use in the game is not the whole set, but a subset of it. You also have a small degree of choice about what you take, and can manipulate the deck during the game (possibly) so that you should be able to get more of the flavour you want for your preferred play style and particular force.

  2. crimsonsun says:

    I am really interested by the Mutant mechanic, and its implication in game as well as in campaigns in which models gain xp!

  3. Jonatan Reino (asdepicas) says:

    plague feedback:

    plague seem to work fine with their missions and playstyle, having a couple of infiltrate missions has made plague swarms see some play substituting 2nd gens wich are still the most played unit.
    the only problem that plague players have found is being unable to deal with blaine, even plague teraton was owned by this beastly merc, many players where hiring this merc when facing plague, specially rebels wich could spend those 19 points without reducing too much their miniature count… also they seem to be aching for their lost move cards.
    plague hounds still not seeing play,
    have i said how much i like plague teraton? lovely knoking back beast 😛

  4. McHolty says:

    I couldn’t find this in any of your blog posts…
    What does the Rampage ability do?

  5. Awesome content, thank You !!

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