Coming Up…

A few bits and bobs to come over the next few days.

Deadzone: Blaze Away that can cause damage and a slight change to campaigns.

God of Battles: a report on the tournament and details of the campaign day I’ll be running next time.

Mrs Attacks: some playtest photos.

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11 Responses to Coming Up…

  1. Henry says:

    Mrs Attacks? Maybe you should take a break from all the game development and buy her some flowers 😉

  2. Craig Johnson says:

    The mrs will attack if I pledge for that after pledging for deadzone

  3. Jack Trowell says:

    Thank you Jake for having listened about BA and campaign XP.

    The game appear to be almost perfect as it is, but it’s this “almost” part that can make the difference between a good game and a truly great one.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Always worth aiming for truly great 🙂

      • Jonatan Reino (asdepicas) says:

        i´m with jack, you are doing an awesome job with this game, but being capable of hearing the players opinion is what can make de difference between a good game and an awesome one… No doubt this is going to be an awesome one… So good I´m even going to add lots of forgefathers to my allready big pledge 🙂 hope mrs wont kill me (my mrs not martian one ) when I tell her about those lovely, bigheaded martians

  4. I was just reading on the Mantic blog about Mars Attacks and am really looking forward to it! It looks to be a “wacky Deadzone” with all sorts of nuttiness that I think is needed in TTWG which seems to be obsessed with grimdark seriousness. For example, Dark Age has a malfunction mechanic that in my games has provided all sorts of hilarity (i.e. flamethrowers backfiring and setting everyone on fire) and I hope to see the same in MA. As per the manticblog my suggestions for wacky characters: people who can creatively chuck grenades/bombs (A Baseball pitcher, a kid with a slingshot, a football quarterback, an English or east / west indian exchange student that is an expert cricket bowler..). Danny Zuko and the Greased Lightning that enters on one side of the board and exits on the opposite end and runs down anyone (martian or human) in his path. A “Fonz” like character that has no real weapons except for his “cool” uncanny luck that he gets by snapping his fingers which results in stuff exploding etc. As a Christmas Exclusive fig: little “Ralphy” who has a Red Ryder BB gun that shoots radioactive BBs supplied by his mad scientist dad… I think I’m getting carried away here imagining 50’s B-movie stuff…

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