Frantic At Mantic

Rhymes, eh? Where would advertising be without them?

Seriously though, I was at Mantic yesterday where it was all hands to the pumps packing  shiny DB3 boxes for despatch all over the world. Stacks and stacks of the things in great ziggurats filling the warehouse. Well they were before the postie turned up. When they weren’t doing that a few brave souls were still fighting the last battles in the Deadzone, fending off terrifying Stage 1P printers and other nasties. And, to add to the excitement, within mere hours of arriving is a vast fleet of invaders. Yup, the Mars Attacks Kickstarter goes live tomorrow, and I’ve seen the saucers they’re coming in.

Very nice 😉

Personally I’ve also got the God of Battles campaign day this saturday at Foundry in Nottingham  and have been quietly working on some campaign rules in general that can use it (in part) as a bit of a test. It’s all looking like being very free form and relaxed, which is always a fun challenge. If you’re able to, why not drop into Foundry and join in? The nature of the event means that it can accommodate all manner of later arrivals. That’s one of the common issues with running campaigns so it’ll be good to be able to test some ideas out with several gamers at once 🙂

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2 Responses to Frantic At Mantic

  1. David Kenny says:

    You didn’t help them pack a few DB orders? Tut tut! 😀

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