A New Mars Attacks Scenario

Now you’ve got the Heroics rules and a couple of Heroes, here’s a sticky situation  for them to try and get out of.

Oh, and here’s another Hero before we start:



The Sarge is a veteran of more wars than you can count.

His stats are:

  • Shoot: 4+
  • Fight: 4+
  • Survive: 6+
  • Range: 6
  • Heroics: 2
  • Notes: Brave, Follow Me!

Heroic Ability: Follow Me!

The model is a born leader, or someone with unquestioned authority over the troops.

Complete the model’s activation as normal. Then, if you want to trigger this ability, nominate up to four other unactivated models on the same side no more than 2 squares away. One at a time, these models are now activated. Complete each model’s activation before moving on to the next. As usual, all models are marked as activated once they have completed their actions.

As these additional activations are all triggered by the original model’s ability, they only count as a single model for purposes of working out what that player can do this Turn.


How Are You Feeling?

The latest version of the Brave ability goes like this. Note that this isn’t a Heroic ability so it doesn’t cost anything to use it.


The model has a strong sense of duty and honour. They feel it is their duty to protect the weaker civilians from danger.

A model with this ability will dive in front of the enemy fire to save civilians. If a square containing more than one model is the target of any attack, a Brave model must be targeted if possible. This applies to both shooting and fighting. If more than one Brave model is a possible target then the owner of the Brave models may choose which one leaps in to save the civilians. Obviously, if the shooting model cannot see any Brave models then it cannot target them.

Attacks that hit all models within a square at the same time (such as artillery) are not affected.


Scenario 3: Protect And Serve

In this scenario, Eva and Troy are surprised by a large Martian attack. Will the brave counterattack by hopelessly outnumbered soldiers buy them enough time to get to safety?

  • Decide who will play the noble defenders of Humanity, and who will play the dastardly Martian menace.
  • Set out your scenery to provide an even mix of high and low cover across the board. Use street furniture, rubble or roadblocks to provide some cover in the roadways.
  • The heavy black line under the blue square shows where you should place the most intact wall you have.

  Scenario map

  • Shuffle the 10 Critter and Alien Secret counters face down. Then, using one dice for rows and another for columns, randomly place 8 of them, one at a time, on the board (see page 9). Put the remaining 2 counters to one side.
  • Shuffle the cards and deal 4 to each player face down. The remaining cards are placed face down beside the board as a draw deck within easy reach of both players. The players may look at their own cards at any time but not their opponent’s.
  • The Martian player places 16 Martian grunts anywhere in the red deployment zone.
  • The Human player places Eva and Troy in the blue square.
  • The Human player places 6 soldiers plus the Sergeant anywhere in the green deployment zone.
  • The Martian player takes the first Turn.
  • VPs are awarded for:
    • Humans only – Moving Eva or Troy off the board via a numbered square (+VPs equal to the number of the square the model moves off from – see the map).
    • Humans onlyAlien Secrets (+1 VP per counter, not counting the first).
    • Martians only – Killing Eva or Troy (+4 VPs each).
    • Martians only- Killing the Sergeant (+1 VP).
    • Martians onlyCritters (+1 VP per counter, not counting the first).
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9 Responses to A New Mars Attacks Scenario

  1. Anthony says:

    Nice scenario, Jake. Really liking the complexity added in layers. I’ll play a few games tonight with my girlfriend and let you know how it goes. Just so I understand, if Eva or Troy enters the red 8 square, they get as many VPs. Correct?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Almost. They have to leave the board by the lower edge. The number in the last square of the board they are in is the amount of VPs they get. They’ve still got to get off though. The Humans lost this the other day with Eva on the last square.

  2. Anthony says:

    Ouch. Duly noted. Will the Martians have similar abilities such as Brave?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      They might have brave, though to be fair they have so few Heroes (and none of the are civilians) that it’s probably not necessary. They get other tricks. I think that it’s more fun when both sides play differently 🙂

  3. Jake,
    Awesome to have another scenario to test out. Have you ever thought of producing a scatter and row/column template to sit by the board to make it easier/faster to resolve cards instead of having to nominate each time what you are rolling for?

    I mocked up a quick one here to show what I mean, you could even have a blue and red dice specifically for the row/column indicated.

    I just found that during play every time we had to roll we had to verbally designate what side or how the template was centered which wasn’t a huge hurdle but certainly became a little tiresome. Having a template on the side would speed up the game in those circumstances and ensure both players are on the same wavelength.

    Just a thought 🙂

  4. Anthony says:


    Jake specifically said that when rolling for column and row, you do it from the side you face. So rolls are determined for event cards are done from your bottom left corner at square (1,1) which eliminates the need for a dedicated template.

  5. Alan says:

    Hi Jake
    Can to you knowledge let me know the scale range for soldiers and heroes ? I`m guessing 2+ is the best and 8+ the worst of course… Is 4+/5+ the norm for units ? I think Survive of 6+ also seems to be standed human rating… Thanks… Also Survive is that just the abilities/skills and training of the person and not any equipment and armour, i guess survive for saucers and robots instead of a wound system.. as thats be swapper around now for hero points….. Once i know that i can have a play around with character design..Thanks

    Love to email you about game design after i have a read of your thoughts… games are my passion and in my head for all my life.. like to design my own system and make a few pennies.. so finding your website and your bio helped me..

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