Martian flagWell the Mars Attacks Kickstarter is finished, and what a finish it was. After the reverses and turbulence of the penultimate week the last few days saw a dramatic turnaround and a big rush to the end. Thanks to all of you that pledged your support for the range. You’ve added loads of exciting goodies for me to write rules for and I’m sure that the game you get in the end will be far more entertaining as a result of the extra options πŸ˜‰

I’m just reworking the card deck to incorporate a better balance of events, bonuses and other cards. It’s doing quite a lot in the game so deserves a fair amount of attention. This iteration will probably be the basis for the final version. At least, that’s how it feels.

I think the core rules are almost nailed down too. Playtest will doubtless reveal a few clarifications to add and some tweaks perhaps, but the bulk is solid.

All of which means that I can soon move on to getting to grips with the many additions the Kickstarter generated: Novas Vira, giant robots, mutated insects, stealth marines, science division, and loads more heroes among others. And, while I’m writing the rules for all these and getting some proxies on the tabletop to test things out, the Mantic team are turning the concepts into reality.Β It’s exciting stuff and all thanks to you guys. Can’t wait to see the final result on the table.



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19 Responses to Phew!

  1. sho3box says:

    Im looking forward to MA in its own right, but as I am reading my PDF of the Deadzone rules at the moment I am particularly interested in how the various Martians and their bugs, ‘bots will translate into that setting. Particularly the Stealth Martian πŸ™‚

    Will the Tiger Corps and those alien bounty hunters be making the jump to Deadzone too? I really hope so.

  2. Graham Bartram says:

    According to Mantic on the KS both the Tiger Corp. and the Corvus mercs get inclusion in the faction deck, very cool.
    I joined the KS for MA but I’m now going to end up a DB and DZ player too. I’m also now looking at zombie models too of course. Shame I couldn’t afford to do the Aliens Vs Predators miniature game on KS too but I think I have enough going on for now.

  3. Tony Hooper says:

    I actually did the MA kick starter for DZ. So I’m dying to know if mini troopers or the translucent science div will be playable in their own selectable troops, or if they will represent effects only.

    • Graham Bartram says:

      The Masters Of Science (translucent science div) seem to be a special science div unit going by the hints we have so far. I would expect them to have an inactive and active state, represented by using normal models for inactive and the green ones for active (whatever that does). They did also say that ALL the Martian models would be in the DZ deck and ALL the humans, including mercs and Tiger Corp would be in the human DZ deck. Sounds great and I hope that does turn out to be the case.
      As for mini-troops ….. hmm, I do like the idea that if they avoided getting stamped on that they might would still be playable. Even just to try and escape the battlefield to deny a victory point to the enemy would be fun.

  4. Anthony says:

    Will we be receiving new scenarios soon?

  5. Anthony says:

    Thanks Jake.

  6. Dave Vader says:

    Glad to hear that the cards are getting some love now that some of the other rules are in place. We’ve played the alpha rules plenty over the last few weeks even trying a couple of 2×4 games but it’s the repetition in some of the cards that have been the aspect that lets things down, particularly for longer more drawn out games and when you’ve played a dozen or so times. Would there be an option of having more cards in the game altogether or having blank cards so we could invent our own? Perhaps that’s more for Mantic?

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