Just so you aren’t surprised, I’ll be sorting through the DZ FAQ page today. In common with the other FAQ pages (which all need tidying) the intent is to delete comments once I have dealt with them in a FAQ. That way you won’t have to read through hundreds of old comments to find an answer.

And yes, I know, the DB FAQ needs some love. My only defence is that it’s a huge time sink that has no funding attached and I need to eat first  😉

Anyway, back to DZ.

As you’ve only had the rules a few days there are a number of queries coming up that are really just a lack of familiarity with the book and are quite clear when you know where to look. As these aren’t really FAQ fodder (but still want answering) I was going to deal with them by writing some short designer’s notes articles. That seemed like a good way to discuss the ins and outs of the way, for example, movement actions and abilities interlock.

So stay tuned for an initial version of the DZ FAQ to download today, and some more DZ articles shortly.

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4 Responses to WIP

  1. Jonas Berg says:

    Thank you for taking time to answer our question; I’m really looking forward to reading your design articles.

  2. MM says:

    Hi Jake, I had a couple of games with my friends and I have to say that the DZ looks super tidy so far! Do you have any idea on when/if the printer friendly version of the unit cards will be released?

  3. Nobbla says:

    Hello Jake, could you tell us a little bit more about the Mars Attack Martian Faction Deck for Deadzone?

    Will this deck enable us to play the full Martian Mars Attack range in Deadzone?

    The Martian models look great and I find the idea of having the Plague or Enforcers taking on giant robots and flying saucers quite exciting. Sounds like great fun to me.

    Knowing the concept for Deadzone – elite squads of soldiers – would the Martian force be full of Martian marines rather than grunts?

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