DZ FAQ Started

A first version of the Dedzone FAQ is up now. I’ve gone through about half of the comments so far (down to 56 from well over 100). As is my wont, I’ve deleted the comments that have been incorporated into the FAQ.

I’ll do some more tomorrow.

As always, if you find anyone asking questions elsewhere (and not getting answers) then please point them back this way so I can collate them all in one place.

Thanks 😉

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9 Responses to DZ FAQ Started

  1. JAck Trowell says:

    Thank you for the errata, you removed a big problem from the game for me and my group, and many others I hope.

  2. Rigel says:

    Perhaps answered elsewhere but at what level can abilities be purchased? The minimum level on the chart or at any level (with the new changes)? Also can a model ‘save’ a new ability spot to be spent when the model is higher level or must they be spent immediately?

  3. Brian S. says:

    Jake, the fact that you have created an FAQ/Errata before the game has even hit the shelves once again shows how above and beyond the norm your dedication to your players/customers is. Well done, sir.

  4. Question!

    The Enforcer Defender on the last page of the updated DZ pdf has no information on what the Defender Shield does. I can’t find if ‘Defender’ and/or ‘Shield’ are defined in the ability section, and it doesn’t look like he’s got a boosted Survival value from it or anything.

    Also, it might just be me, but the cards section had really oddly accentuated letters for the ‘A’s for the model cards (Not the Mission or Battle cards). Was this intentional, or was this an artifact of the pdf conversion or possibly my own Adobe Acrobat

    Off of the topic of questions, I’d like to thank you for having a really nice errata. Having a clear answer for a question, *and* explaining clearly why the rules work that way, really helps make for a very informative and helpful FAQ

    • Alex Cooper says:

      Theres several posts about the defender shield on the FAQ page. So hopefully we will get an answer soon.

      As for those accentuated A’s my laptop pdf has them too but when I copied it across to my smart phone and tablet, they disappeared. I think it’s safe to assume they are a conversion artifact.

  5. Matt Gilbert says:

    Rampage: On a roll of 1 or 2 the opposing player may control the model including attacking the model’s friends. What counts as Friend and Foe in this case when determining a dice bonus for having “friends” in the same cube?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Friends are any of the controlling player’s models. So, if I control your model then my models are the friends of the Rampaging model while he beats up your other troops.

  6. General Jobo says:

    Hi Jake,

    does AP work with blasé away?

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