Deadzone Unboxing

I’m sure there are several of these online already. This one has me rambling on about stuff too 😉

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12 Responses to Deadzone Unboxing

  1. tinfish says:

    God damn you, now I want another new game 😦

    That said… The pre release version turns up just as I am saving up a wee fortune for a Xbox One, so not gonna be able to pick it up. What will we miss out on by buying a later release? If anything.

    • Luke says:

      The only thing you will miss out on is the survivor mercenary to my knowledge(and possibly better prices?).

    • Quirkworthy says:

      The Kickstarter had some T-shirts and other bits and bobs that were exclusive to that. As far as actual gaming components is concerned, you’ll have to use Mantic Points to get some models that KS backers got for free, but apart from that I think it’s all available to purchase.

      And as Luke said, I suspect that you’ll pay a little more for it if you weren’t in on the KS, even with online discounts.

  2. Alex Cooper says:

    There are several KS exclusive mercs in fact. Blaine, The Survivor, Freya and Project Oberon. Though apparently Mantic will be making these available through their points system.

    Other than that its Art cards and the sogned Lithoprint that were KS exclusives.

  3. Chris Richardson says:

    Finally! Some video coverage! And I can’t believe I learned something new watching an unboxing! I need to reread the section on command cards. No hand limit? I always thought in Draw X, Keep X the Keep amount applied to the entire hand. I’ve just been playing the demo game so I haven’t had a go with the real rules. Still, that was a huge thing I didn’t understand properly. More videos please!

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Unfortunately I don’t have the kit to do videos myself. That will have to wait a bit. For the moment I’m limited to when other folk want to discuss things on film.

  4. 10:59 Jake – it’s a lamp post 😉

  5. Anthony says:

    Nice box, Jake.

    Now, where’s our Mars Attacks playtest update? I know you chaps did it early in December.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      That day was pushed back due to the holiday season and everyone being busy with that. However, I do have the latest laid out copy of the rules to check so we are making good progress.

      • Anthony says:

        Ooh, don’t be shy about sharing. Either way glad you had a happy new new year and Christmas. I disappeared to give you a badger-free holidays. Now back to the rulebook mines.

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