More Magazine Reviews

As I mentioned in the WD review, I’m feeling inspired to look at what other magazines (print or digital) are out there for someone interested in gaming and associated modelling and painting. As I go through them I’ll write up some more reviews.

For the moment, I have the following on my list (in no particular order):

  • No Quarter
  • Ravage
  • Wargames Illustrated
  • Miniature Wargames (with Battlegames)
  • Military Illustrated Modeller
  • Airfix Model World
  • AFV Modeller
  • Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy
  • Model Military International
  • AIR Modeller
  • Military Modelling
  • Military Modelcraft International
  • Ironwatch
  • Portal
  • Figure Painter

I’m sure there are loads of options I haven’t considered yet. If you know something cool that I’ve missed then be sure to comment below so I can add it to the pile 😉

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14 Responses to More Magazine Reviews

  1. Since White Dwarf started it out what about Privateer Press’s No Quarter?

  2. Bidge says:

    Hey Jake. An excellent magazine you are missing and worth reviewing is Mig Jimenez’s “The Weathering Magazine”, its better than many books on the subject.

  3. ThriftyDiomedes says:

    Honourable mention for Dust Chronicles for Dust Tactics/Warfare
    PDF format and free so nice and easy to check out

  4. munkeykungfu says:

    I am very intrigued with your review on portal in particular a comparison on them since moving to paid issues

  5. Vinsssounet says:

    I’m just on the painting team of IronWatch but I can say we’d be glad to have some criticism to enhance the magazine !

  6. VaultAge says:

    A bit late on train, but ravage french version is worth checking. If you need translation, ping me 🙂

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Thanks VaultAge. I wrote a series of articles for them (click the black Ravage tab at the top for them) last year, so I’m familiar with it. So far the French version looks more exciting than the English language version. However, that’s based on some older copies. I’ve not seen the latest ones.

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