Hypnotic Kickstarter

It can’t be just me.

It isn’t only when I’m involved in the project.

kickstarter logo

Whether I write the game or simply pledge for it, the same thing happens. Every time I’m near a device with a net connection I feel a powerful urge to check the current total. Repeatedly. Even if I did this 5 minutes previously, and I know that it will be pretty much the same, I’ll have to stamp down the urge to check. Just in case. KS is amazingly addictive.

I find watching myself do this quite bizarre, and if I was wearing a hat I’d take it off to whoever invented this cunning form of long-distance virtual crack. Kicktraq only makes it worse.

Now if you don’t mind, there’s something I’ve got to do…

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17 Responses to Hypnotic Kickstarter

  1. Claudio Schäfer says:

    Same here. With DZ I was completely addicted. First thing in the morning: check dat pledges! Was my first time and I was amused with this effect. Now, with DBX its my 2cnd big and 4th overall KS and it’s beginning all over again 😀 I was even happy to see known “faces” from DZ eventhough I barely wrote anything in the comments. Strange world 😀

  2. Ben says:

    No, it’s not just you. Smart companies will dripfeed a constant stream of new stuff throughout a campaign to further feed the addiction for coming back. Which, as an aside and tying in with another KS discussion, is another good reason not to reveal all your stretch goals in advance.

    • Sam Dale says:

      Yeah. There’s been a couple of kickstarters that I’ve backed that I’ve kept hitting refresh looking for the stretch goals that i want to buy to unlock…

    • Quirkworthy says:

      @Ben – this is normal marketing though. Many movies will have teaser trailers, then trailer 1, and a trailer 2, and a red band trailer…

      • Ben says:

        It’s sort of the same. The difference is that those are intended to build anticipation until the money shot, being the release of the film. I’m talking more along the lines of having someone continually on the comments page, frequent updates, even KS external content like FB Q&A sessions. The intention is less to build interest in potential customers as to capitalise on the KS addiction of your current pledgers. The novelty of constantly checking the page wears off if there are periods with nothing new to see. A constant stream of new stuff keeps ’em hooked from start to finish and makes it more likely that you can max out their pledges.

  3. Chef Grumpie says:

    So true, it’s addiction. Also when Mantic starts a Kickstarter I usually end backing something another thing not only the Mantic one.

  4. Tell me about it. I checked on the Reaper KS every morning, always keen to see new stretch goals.

  5. Jesse De Vaan says:

    Well, I started at Rage, and moved up to Frenzy! so you can say I’m addicted 😛

  6. Give me a ring when a gameplay video is posted!

  7. mastertugunegb says:

    Damn addictive new shiny rules and models… When will this Golden Age of Mantic Madness end?

  8. Brence says:

    Thank God for the KS app! It’s like an E-Bay auction where you always win and get more then bargained for! (In a good way)

  9. Matt Fluger says:

    I can’t resist constant gauging and I agree with the comment above that it winds up becoming an addictive behavior.

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