Deadzone FAQ Updates


Just so you know, I’m working on an update for the DZ FAQ which will go up later today. Another update will follow at the end of the week.

One thing that won’t be in the next update is movement clarifications. I know these are important and I have looked at them. However, what this brought up was that they either need loads of new diagrams or for me to show you in person. Consequently I think these are perfect for a video answer rather than a text one. I’ve already got the camera and am just waiting for a bigger memory card to be delivered. If we hadn’t had that chocolate egg festival…

These videos are a new experiment for me, and if I can get them to work I’ll be doing more. We all know that the best way to learn a game is to have someone show you, and this applies to FAQs too. Some things are just easier to explain by showing rather than telling.

The way I expect this to work is that there will be a pdf FAQ as there is now, but in addition to the normal answers it will include links to Quirkworthy posts and videos that explain answers in more detail. This means that the pdf can be kept shorter as the detailed discussion will be elsewhere. It also allows you guys to comment on the more involved bits, which is fun too 🙂



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9 Responses to Deadzone FAQ Updates

  1. Luke says:

    Great news, Thanks for thinking of us! I think a video will really help nail down how sprint and climb work.

  2. General Jobo says:

    Brilliant!! Thanks Jake. I’ve been looking forward to this

  3. PikaRapH says:

    Great news about a new FAQ !

    I still think it’s needed to have the whole rule laid on paper with words to explain entirely the game, not to have a part here and another there on video.
    Videos may be a bonus, but you really should keep the paper format to enhance the rules.

    I think about rules written as if you would program the game to convert it into a videogame (with all exceptions and so on). This is a good way to have all the needed information to play without flaws.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      You’re absolutely right that it should all start with one document, and it will. The pdf on my Living FAQ page is the place to go. This will reference posts to get more discussion if you want it. This means that you can have one relatively short document with the key info in.

      I won’t be writing this FAQ like a computer game doc. When I worked on one our design docs were exactly what you describe – every key press, every outcome logged exactly. It was over 700 pages long, and one of the more tedious documents I’ve ever read. It should be a relatively foolproof way to explain things, but our code guys still managed to do things differently. I don’t expect most gamers would be keen on something that long and dull.

  4. Bidge says:

    Awesome and welcome the YouTube community.

  5. Kraggy says:

    Amazing, and I can’t wait to see the latest info.

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