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DZ2 FAQ up

This has gone live on the Mantic download page.

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DS: Behind

He’s behind you! Oh no he isn’t! Oh yes he is! Sound like a Christmas panto? Sadly it’s Dungeon Saga. Q: When is a model behind another? A: When all the squares covered by its base are in the area … Continue reading

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DS Arcs

Following on from the discussion about LOS, we have some queries about arcs. This confusion is my fault. Apologies for that. The issue is one of precision, and things being added to the core rules (multi-base models) without being adequately accommodated in … Continue reading

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As I mentioned at the end of last week, I’m going to go through some of the DS FAQ this week. Rather than just dump it into the file, I’m going to post these additions up as discussion articles for … Continue reading

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A Dungeon Saga Question…

…and answer. This one came up yesterday, and I thought I’d pass it on before I forgot 🙂 The following follows my usual Question, Answer, Discussion format. Q: What happens when a Hero that starts without any Shooting skill gains a … Continue reading

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A Couple More

Added a few more bits to the DS FAQ. Little by little…

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Dungeon Saga FAQ

This page deals with all the rules questions that you might have about Dungeon Saga. Please read the comments below to see if your query has already been answered. If not, please free to ask in the comments section at the bottom … Continue reading

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Tinkering With The FAQ

I’m going to try a slightly different approach to dealing with the FAQs for a bit and see how we go. Rather than doing nothing at all, then big updates, I’ll try to trickle out the replies to comments, getting … Continue reading

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Basic Card Play In Mars Attacks

In each Turn of Mars Attacks you are given a choice of options (see page 6). The vast majority of the time you will be doing one of the first two, so we’ll focus on those for now. These choices are: … Continue reading

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DZ FAQ Updated

It’s here. I’ve managed to deal with 130-something comments plus half a dozen pages worth of other notes. Not as much as I’d hoped to get done, though it’s progress. The Overwatch article I posted earlier will hopefully clear most of that up … Continue reading

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