I’ve decided to post the next iteration of the DZ FAQ tomorrow rather than today, as originally planned. Some of the answers I’ve been working on are a bit involved and need some more cross referencing before they’re published to ensure that they fit what’s already in print and cover all the various permutations.

However, keeping things moving is important, so I’ll post up a new version tomorrow regardless of where I’ve got to.

Iteration – great word.

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1 Response to Progress

  1. Sam says:

    Thanks a heap! Just read last week’s update yesterday evening while spectating a game.
    Stuff like Blasts only Pinning, not dropping an Aggression level is huge and brilliant game design…we hadn’t been playing it that way though despite having the book open every roll.
    We’re attracting new players just from the amount of hooting and giggling going on 🙂

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