Last Chance For Charity Raffle Terrain

If you fancy a shot at winning a table’s worth of Mantic’s Battlezone terrain (the stuff that’s in Deadzone) then you should have a look at the Terrain Tutor’s YouTube channel.

He’s been running this for a while, and he’s down to the last 24 hours of a charity raffle. For every UK pound you pledge at you get a raffle ticket for the draw.

The money goes to a very worth cause called Help For Heroes that helps wounded servicemen and women.

The final roundup of where he’s got to with the terrain is here:

I came across him when I was thinking of writing some articles on building the terrain, but I don’t feel the need to do that any more. At least, not most of them. He’s got several really interesting ways to make it look quite different from the usual presentation and his various videos are well worth a look.

Either way, a table full of terrain for a small charity donation sounded like something you guys might want to consider. But hurry! It’s finishing tomorrow at noon (UK time).

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